Tuesday, December 27, 2005

avoid a virginian wendy's at all costs

i'm in virginia visiting my folks for christmas. tonight we took my nephews to a local wendy's for dinner. i will never go there again.


1. the people there are ugly. the kind of ugly where you want to point at there face and ask what happened. however, you don't do that because they were most likely born that way. instead you just laugh to yourself to repress the deep sorrow you have for them.

2. s l o w a s h e l l

3. they are out of lettuce. apparently virginian wendys' are suffering from a lettuce shortage. no salads and no damn lettuce for your hamburger.

4. they are out of lettuce. i know i just mentioned this, but it is so pathetic that it deserves a second spot on this list. seriously. they ran out of lettuce.


  1. Do you have any idea of how much I love Virginia? Camille, Kylee and I are going to be un-married 43 year olds living in Virginia some day. We love it. I am jealous.

  2. That would make me an unmarried 49 year old. Then could we do the package deal.

  3. well, you might as well start a polygamist colony. that would be just precious.

  4. dude, that sounds like alot of wendy's in utah and everywhere else I've been. I don't think you can label only virginia, although I don't really like that state anyway. Probably cuz it brings back memories or crappy army training. but yeah, you can find ugly people and crappy food with no lettuce everywhere...even in precious little utah

  5. The service at least is reminiscent of the Santa Barbara McDonalds. The people there were all cute, vapid Barbies and Kens, and it took us 20 damn minutes to get our damn food!


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