Sunday, December 04, 2005

i'm pretty much screwed -update-

10 page paper for christian ethics
6 page take home final for christian ethics
20 page take home final for epistemology
10 pages of journals for philosophy through literature
15 page final for philosophy through literature
15 page paper for wittgenstein
7 page paper for ancient philosophy
10 page paper for nietzsche
10 page paper for nietzche
10 page final for nietzsche

total = 113 pages

total pages finished = 30

pages remaining = 73

i'll probably be going to the byu library tomorrow to study, lemme know if you wanna join.


  1. hey i'll write some of those papers for ya for $20 a piece. ha! good luck man.

  2. I hope you've just been so busy actually writing those papers to update your list. Good luck with them all!


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