Thursday, January 05, 2006

sugarbeet - technically a virgin

this comes from the recent sunstone...

By Roy Thorne
OREM, UT—A new movement intended to promote chastity and virtue has become the new “hip thing’” among LDS youth. Promoters say the “Technically a Virgin” movement is a “realistic answer to the vexing problem of teen sexuality.”
Tiffany Bingham, a junior at Mountain View High School in Provo says she feels “way better about myself” ever since joining the movement. “It used to be, I’d be out with Jared, my boyfriend, and we’d start fooling around, and I’d feel all icky and sinful afterwards. But now I think, ‘Hey, technically, we didn’t break any, like, major-type commandments.’ So it’s all cool.”
And Heather Hanson, a senior at Timpview added, “It’s like Sister Reeves, our awesome new YW leader says, ‘There may be a stain on your skirt, but there’s no stain on your soul.’”


  1. I have just been made dumber for having read this article.

  2. LOL. sounds like typical bubble-town provo...


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