Thursday, February 16, 2006

free speech 101

my friend joe vogel's new book is available for pre-order at the book details his experiences as the student body vice-president at utah valley state college during the whole michael moore controversy.

here is the blip from

When the student government of Utah Valley State College heard about Michael Moore’s 2004 Slacker Tour, they thought he would be a great speaker that would create the intelligent debate that is the mainstay of college campuses across the U.S. They knew their choice would stir controversy in one of the most conservative counties in America, but they felt they could handle it. They were completely surprised, however, by the tremendous anti-liberal reaction to their choice — a reaction that threatened violence, used bribery, applied political pressure, and ultimately failed to stop the student government, UVSC students, and the community from hearing Michael Moore.

the book at pre-order price is only $10.36 through amazon. click the image above or to the right to reserve your copy.

also, this divided state,the documentary that covers the whole controversy is also available through amazon for $14.99. you should also get that, cuz i'm in it for about three seconds.

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