Monday, February 20, 2006

fun on

i periodically post and comment things on (which is actually a pretty great site, despite all the crap i give its owner, mason). recently there has been this lunatic, who goes by the name of rahall (real name, richard alexander hall), who has been posting some of the most ridiculous arguements. i had some fun with him and apparently drove him insane...literally. this byu art student is crazy.

here are a few of his recent posts to me...

the_narrator's extremely crass and personal verbal attacks to me, followed by a very serious invitation to get together with him after I have repeatedly and very explicitly disengaged from talking to him, shows that he is dangerous. He is attempting to breach a barrier I have forcibly put up. First, it shows that he can't handle being left alone to his verbal abuse, second, it shows that he won't take rejection, third, it shows that he will cross barriers he really shouldn't cross even when (maybe especially when) they are forcefully set up. He is an abuser, and I earnestly forbid anyone to meet with him. I'm dead serious folks. Stay away. He's dangerous.


I know that I sin, but I, Richard Alexander Hall, truly and deeply hate you, "the narrator" a.k.a "project mayhem" a.k.a. Tyler Durden a.k.a Loyd Ericson (your four different aliases are enough to set me on edge) and in my limited, narrow, overly-judgemental mind, YOU ARE THE MOST IDIOTIC PIECE OF BULL SH*T GOD DAMN MOTHER F*CKING BITCH ASS ANYONE HAS EVER SEEN ON ANY FORUM!! Whew! That was a pretty good trip! Come on, people! Everyone reading this! You've run across the_narrator's incendiary words elsewhere! And now he goes and psychoanalizes me and posits childhood abuse? Is that far beyond the boundary of appropriate, or what? I know I can be an overbearing jerk, but isn't he, too!?

So much for my prayers for charity.

But I really don't care what anyone else says or thinks here anymore. There's no way I'd expect anything good here anymore. Call me a martyr. I'm not looking back at this thread anymore. Swear your head off at me and say more of the ludicrously foul things you've said before - but at least admit it's a sin, like I do, for Chris's sake.

the first one is my favorite. i think i'm going to have it framed. the funniest part is that this kid is totally serious. he really is that much of a nutcase.

for this and other wonderfull comments from him to me, click here and scroll down through them. they are pretty hilarious.

what a crazy kid. if any of you know richard alexander hall, get him to a counselor.


  1. Yeah, I looked at the first post on his blog about supposed 4th amendment rights and I can tell he has no idea what he's talking about.

  2. Wow. For a while I felt like I was over-the-top in contradicting you on so many of your posts, but I had no idea how truly "dangerous" you could be or the lengths that you would go through to drive me insane. Now about that 4th amendment...

  3. Nothing is more enjoyable than receiving high praise.
    But receiving railing and ridiculous abuse can sometimes come close!

  4. I've read your stuff for a long time, and I thought I learned a lot from you. But I honestly can't believe what you did to that kid.

    Obviously, he has been through some real shit. Hasn't he? Obviously, he still sees the face of his abuser and feels the pain in his sleep, doesn't he?

    Knowing real pain yourself, the way you enjoyed twisting your little dagger into his heart, by manipulating his fears the way you did, is what surprised me. Maybe it surprised you, too. Maybe not.

    At least you know, and others know, a little better who you really are, eh Eric?

    The existential conclusions of our subconscious values always have a way of unfolding in front of us. Karma, some call it. Synchronicity, I've heard it labeled as well. Good luck.
    - Robot.

  5. You missed a point: he apologized and changed his behavior. In contrast, you promised to change your behavior also, but you haven't.

    I've watched this. The moderator of ProvoPulse rightly described your behavior as Satanic . And as this kid witnessed here, and which I myself saw, you offered what you called "a little sarcastic humor" of you sexually relating with him and his relations and mocking their bodies. Tou demand he take everything else you say seriously, but not take your vulgar attacks seriously. It's an impossible logic: your words can only have good effects, not bad.

    Then, after you promised to be more cordial (because of the moderator's rebuke), and long after he stopped talking to you at all, you later completely broke that promise by coming back to say he's on drugs, suffers a.d.d., is irrational (which you make no arguments for), and has a "crazy little mind". Still obsessing on insulting him, you later link him to a photo entitled "assface", say he has mental issues, link him to the wikipedia entry for "psychotic", among other crazy things. Who has a crazy little mind? You are obsessed with verbally destroying someone who poses no threat and should mean nothing to you, you've aggressively made and remade extremely vulgar, degrading, insulting remarks, in the midst of which you made an insane invitation to get together. And after all this relentless, oath-breaking pursuit of another human being with the most torturing degredation you can achieve through words, you write a paper on ethics and values which later won an award. HYPOCRASY OF THE LOWEST ORDER. What do you think you know about ethics and values, treating someone like that? And tellingly of your amoral condition, you say of the paper: "here is what i managed to pull out of my butt last night."

    Values are crap to you, and you obsess on degrading people with the basest and cruelest of devaluing words, at the same time that you take all the esteem from others and recognition you can for babbling on about values you can't see distinctions between crap and mud for. Your hypocrisy and failures of sight are catastrophic, you are utterly cruel and small in your behavior, and I think you should see a counciler and sort out how to fix this enormous mess you've made.

    The decent thing to do would be to forget this all and take this down and ignore him just as he eventually ignored you.

  6. anon#2

    i dunno if you are making fun of richard alexander hall, or if you are richard alexander hall. whichever it is, it was pretty funny.


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