Saturday, May 27, 2006


i'm officially really, really old now.


  1. Should I be wishing you happy birthday?

  2. sure, but you'll be a few days late.

    you should start using msn messenger or somethin.

  3. Please don't leave comments on my blog. Thank you.

  4. Jason:

    Can't take criticism, eh? Your blog is nothing but poor theories and hypocrisy then. You are just a pawn of ignorant anti-mormon groupthink.

    Have fun in your dream-world.

  5. Hey Jason S., how come you don't post any of my comments on your blog?

    Show some sack.

  6. s.o., i see that i'm not the only one who has been censored by jason. i think he has blocked at least 5 or 6 of my comments. it's funny how he blocks anything that makes him look stupid and then finishes with his own comment so that it appears that he had the mighty answer.

    i know i'm a pompous ass, but it's nice to have people like jason around who give me the comfort that i could be a really stupid pompous ass.

  7. I know if someone made those kinds of comments towards me, there's no way I would just let them sit there on the internet unchallenged. So I realized he must have been muzzling you at some point. Quite humorous indeed...

    Yeah, he's never let any of mine through. I think many if not all of the other comments are fake.

  8. I think many if not all of the other comments are fake.

    funny, but true. i could totally picture him making up comments to make it look like at least one other person in the world thinks he has some intelligence.

  9. "Can't take criticism, eh?"

    I would like your comments about some of my ideas, but you're so preoccupied with your emotional manipulation that I simply no longer want to deal with it. I've spent 26 years of my life being manipulated by an institution to serve its ends, and I don't want to spend any more time with people like that.

    "You are just a pawn of ignorant anti-mormon groupthink."

    I don't really read or visit anti-mormon sites. If there is any correlation between my main ideas and what is posted on other blogs, I'd like to see it.

    "Yeah, he's never let any of mine through."

    S.O. I have my own reasons for not letting your comments through. Once you took over my old blog and started using it as your own, I didn't want anything to do with you. All the posts on your blog are about things that I wrote, which I find to be a bit odd and kind of spooky, kinda like a stalker.

    I truly think you are both bright individuals, but I simply don't want to deal with any type of manipulation. I've outlined what I mean by manipulation on my blog if you'd like to read about that.

    I wish you both the best in your endeavors.

  10. "i know i'm a pompous ass, but it's nice to have people like jason around who give me the comfort that i could be a really stupid pompous ass."

    Just because you are proud of the fact that shit comes out your asshole, it doesn't mean that everyone else wants to see it.

    But, I guess that's what you do as a 27 year old teaching assistant, uvsc 'philosopher', who learns everything he possibly can just so he can tell 19 year olds how stupid they are.

    You are such an example of living the gospel that I'm sure if the Joseph Smith were here today, he would make you one of his wives.

    God Bless you, you sweet, valiant lover of truth, Christ, and fundamental LDS doctrines.


  11. utahrobot:

    you are also weird.


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