Tuesday, June 13, 2006

byu fires dissenter

well, it was bound to happen. byu fired jeffrey neilsen for openly disagreeing with the brethren's support of the pathetic federal marriage amendment.

you can read about it here.

here is the new sltrib article on the firing.


  1. HOLY SHIT! i was going to comment on your last blog about Jeff, but i was out of town and wanted to wait until i got back. here's what i have to say:

    First: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jeff. He is a doll and a wonderful person with some of the most progressive ideas i've heard.

    Second: he treats EVERYONE as equals. On the first day of class he explains that he isn't a "leader" but a mentor and that the power in the group is equally shared by all... all have equal influence on all things... including grades. he lives his belief that we are "ALL EQUALLY HUMAN" and therefore deserve to be treated as such.

    but,like all forward thinkers, the byu population had a hard time knowing how to take him... on the first day of class he asked everyone to call him "jeff" guess how many students did it... maybe 3. and one day when i told some other students "jeff said..." they said, "even though he said to do that, it is a really disrespectful thing... it shows he has no respect for himself by allowing us to call him that and that you don't respect him for doing it."

    Third: he is Very supportive of "the Church" and a major aspect of his class shows how the first presidency often uses a very equal sharing of power to come to decisions... however, he also points out how the brethern have different ideas and there is usually some disagreement on 'issues' when they release a statement. (which many may feel suggest that they aren't all "one" with Christ's will).

    personally, i think he has a realistic, but still faithful, view of the Chruch itself and the principles which it teaches. I'm sad that my alma mater has chosen to further limit the diversity of view points which make a higher education a rich and rewarding experience.

    in conclusion, you suck for kicking me out of your top 8. loser

  2. i was hoping it wouldn't happen but of course it did.

  3. wow, this frightens me.

    are you listening to the interview on radiowest?

  4. I thought America had such laws as to make it a crime to fire one for thinking differently?

  5. He signed a bunch of pieces of paper when he got hired saying he would do certain things and he wouldn't do certain things ... the higher ups felt he broke his contract so the released him. That happens all the time. While there are rules in place to protect employee's, there are also rules in place to protect employers from hiring someone who then just goes buck-wild. Many employers want to maintain a specific "image" and so they have their employes sign contracts to maintain that image ... It's an ax that swings both ways


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