Sunday, June 04, 2006

proof positive that satan has begun establishing hell in utah county

"'I like George Bush because he is God fearing,' said Delia Randall, 22, of Provo, Utah, with her son, Owen."

satan has won. god has forsaken utah county.

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  1. I was truly embarrassed to be from Utah County after reading this. It’s funny that the people quoted could think of no good reason for supporting Bush besides their belief that he’s a good God fearing person. Why? Because he said that he is. They can’t possibly be aligning their beliefs with his actions. Even if it were true that he’s a good guy, which I don’t believe, that’s not a good enough reason to support him politically. When your job is president of the United States, it’s just not the thought that counts. It affects too many people. This whole article is a poor reflection on Utah Mormon culture. The fact that these people are educated makes it even worse. How can people who are supposedly well informed be so willfully ignorant?


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