Saturday, June 17, 2006

sunstone symposium august 9-12

this year's sunstone symposium is less than two months away. it will be held august 9th-12th at the sheraton hotel in salt lake city. as in the past couple years, students will be able to participate for free.

i have thoroughly enjoyed attending the last couple years even though i am at least half the age of most of the attendees. this year i want things to be different and want to get a large number of college students to attend (lds, non-lds, active, inactive, conservative, and progressive). the preliminary schedule is pretty incomplete right now, so i'll post a link to a full program schedule as soon as it becomes available. (for those interested, joe vogel to me that he will be speaking on the 10th about "the Michael Moore experience, Mormonism, and diversity.")

let me know if any of you are interested in attending or have any questions about the event.


  1. i'll either be in hawaii or ny during the symposium, unfortunately.
    but i'm leaving this comment because i want to know what the music is on your blog. who is the singer? i'm liking the chill song... thanks.

  2. Deathcab for Cutie - "I will follow you in the dark," I believe is the name of the song.

    Mormon Studies is interesting to me, I just lack the attention span for it. Whenever I read an academic paper of any kind my eyes start to glaze over, I find myself skipping whole paragraphs, and then giving up and finding something else to do.

    The same things happen to me at academic conferences. I think to myself, surely this speaker could not convince his own mother to listen to him drone on and on in a terse and unnatural style using such unneccessarily long words.

    I know Sunstone has other stuff too, though. However, would a conservative such as myself be in danger of getting lynched?

  3. i'll probably be at sunstone. (i'm not a college student anymore but i'm also not twice your age.)

  4. I sure hope that Joe Vogel can do something in life other than ride the coat tails of his "Michael Moore experience." How pathetic that he uses this 1-3 month time period to define his life.

  5. chad, joe has already written two other books completely unrelated to the moore experience and is soon beginning (or has begun) graduate work in english at byu. he was invited by sunstone to talk about the experience. the whole moore experience is actually a very interesting study case for freedom of speech, political (and religious diversity), and communication for a state school in a homogenous society.

  6. Thanks narrator. For your comments here as well as on my blog.

    It's amazing to me how quick people are to judge and make false assumptions.

  7. I just wrote down in the calendar hopefully Errin and I will be there. Miss you on ProvoPulse buddy.



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