Sunday, July 09, 2006

an inconvenient truth

before i begin, i have a confession to make. well... i have a couple confessions to make. first, i did not vote in the 2000 elections. second, if i had voted, i would have voted for bush.

i know, it wouldn't have made a difference - i live in utah, the reddest of states. nevertheless i am ashamed. my only plea of defense is ignorance. i didn't know.

with that out of the way, let's continue...

i recently saw al gore's big screen power point presentation, an inconvenient truth. whatever your political stance, this is a movie you and everyone else should see. like many of the misguidances of my past, i once disbelieved in the human involvement and implications of global warming. i bought into the whole this is a natural cycle of the earth and we are just still recovering from an ice-age mumbo jumbo. despite the science and and studies, i relied on the so-called wisdom of the right-wing and just pushed it aside.

i've since learned my lesson.

an inconvenient truth
is by far the best presentation of global warming i have ever seen. you may disagree with much of al gore's politics (i once did). you may think his humor is still too dry and scripted (i still do). however, it is difficult to find fault with his presentation which is largely the culmination of over two decades of work. as he discusses the evidence andpoints out the implications of this growing crisis, you can tell that this something that he cares deeply about and not just some partison political maneuvering. in fact, there is very little partison politics going on. gore openly points out that this is a issue that both democrats and republicans wish to avoid.

our planet is in danger. it's that simple. each day scientists are unanimously finding evidence that carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses) is higher than it has been in the last 700 millenia, and is increasing at an accelerated rate. temperatures are rising and glaciers and ice caps are shrinking faster than expected. i have had a basic idea of what has been going on, but i had no idea had badly things are. it is not something that our children's children will face, but something that might have major implications in our lifetimes if not dealt with, things far worse than what we've already experienced with the rise of tornados and hurricanes.

go see an inconvenient truth and judge it for yourself. do some research and find out if gore is presenting the truth.

for those of you in the provo area, it is currently playing at the wynnsong theatres.

we need to put partison politics aside here and deal with this issue.


  1. p.s. you can watch the trailer here.

  2. Thanks for the info Loyd. It's funny I come from a very conservative background, and I've been agreeing with the idea of global warming since tenth grade.
    Global warming is a tough subject. The American economy is based off of everything that increases global warming. Our nation is in a pretty tight spot. If we try to combat the effects of global warming we'll ruin our economy, if we don't we'll still end up with a pretty crappy place to live. I'm intrigued that you are interested in global warming. I wish more people would be interested in it. And I wish less people would thinks it's hokey.

  3. Glad you're back and blogging.

    Where is this playing? Is it only in Salt Lake?

  4. It's funny, they tell you that our economy is based largely on industry that pours greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere at an alarming rate and there's nothing to be done about it.

    But what they don't tell you is that we are one of two industrialized nations in the world that haven't ratified the Kyoto protocol which basically says we'll do something about it. That and we actually have the technology to fix the problem already.

    It's sad.

  5. my only plea of defense is ignorance

    Does this mean that anyone that DID vote for PRESIDENT Bush and WOULD vote for PRESIDENT Bush again, is ignorant???

    At least have enough dignity to give people their proper title / respect -- agree or disagree he is our current President, please be mature enough to respect the office.


  6. ryan,

    Does this mean that anyone that DID vote for PRESIDENT Bush and WOULD vote for PRESIDENT Bush again, is ignorant???

    no. i used the term ignorance to describe my state of not knowing then what i know now. i was merely saying if i had known then what i know now, i would have voted differently. i would not have voted for (or hoped for) bush to win.

    but sure, i'll take your interpretation as well.

    At least have enough dignity to give people their proper title / respect -- agree or disagree he is our current President, please be mature enough to respect the office.

    there is a deleted scene in boondock saints where OFFICER greenley is complaining to AGENT smecker that AGENT smecker doesn't give him any respect. AGENT smecker replies, "respect is not given. respect is earned."

    i don't give respect to offices and titles. respect is earned by people with titles and offices.

    even if i respected bush, i still wouldn't be referring to him by his title. it's redundant and unnecessary... either for an academic paper, and especially for a stupid blog.

  7. Glad to see that you're back!

    I saw a debate on NBC about Global warming and Steve Forbes (the devil incarnate) gave that whole line about natural heating and cooling. And then NBC showed the statistic that the US produces 55% of the worlds global emmissions of CO2 and we only have 5.5% of the worlds population. No wonder why both the republicrats and the democrans don't want to do anything about it.

  8. As a graduate in Evironmental Geoscience, I still have a hard time believeing that our current situation has not been duplicated many times by nature. As much as we want to rely on science and history.

    Is the planet getting warmer? Yes. Is it because of us? Maybe. Has the globe ever warmed this fast before? Well, using a geologic record and interpreting information from the rocks or Antarctic ice is our BEST GUESS. Any scientific evidence brought forth from before the planet was peopled, therefore not obseved and recorded by man, is, once again, our BEST GUESS.

    Maybe I am too conservative in my thinking, but I haven't been able to believe anything a liberal has said since our good old buddy, Mr. Slick Willy, decided to do the nasty (allegedly) in the oval office.

    I know that I'm pathetic for thinking this way, but I can't help it. And frankly, I don't even know why I (or we) even care.There has to be an end, and the world will be cleansed, remember?


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