Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - lessons forgotten

a few days after 9/11 my friend mike and i went to the uvsc lds institute building to donate blood. the lines to donate stretched through the halls as everyone and their dog got up to do some good. the red cross saw it's supplised overfilled. this morning the red cross called me to donate blood. most people who donated following 9/11 have not donated since then.

9/11 seemed to bring out the best in so many people. everyone seemed to be giving. congress held hands and sang together. strangers openly embraced. others reconciled their differences and renewed their friendships. through the terror, people found a sense of community reflecting a love for others.

those days have since long passed. inherent evils and desire to rise above the other have overtaken the communal unity. war replaced peace abroad and has stirred war within the nation. congress only holds hands to secure incumbency and pay.

when i go to donate blood this week, the red cross will again tell me that their supplies are low. they foresaw the rise of giving love falling to the apathy of common humanity and inconvenience winning over charity. the lessons of love that overcame our nation for a few weeks have been long forgotten.

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  1. Did you hear about the 4.2 Million fine against the red cross for failing to handle and collect blood supplies properly? Im not sure if it is based off of some previous court case or if its about something that happened recently. Anyway you are right... how quickly we forget the way it all made as feel.

    As for all the memorials and coverege we are getting this time around, i can't help but feel that its being treated more like a circus or something, another reason to send out a forward to your buddies or push an unrelated agenda.


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