Wednesday, September 13, 2006

big brother is watching (for steve m.)

i made this image to go along with a comment i left on steve m.'s within the bubble. unfortunately i don't think blogger allows images on comments.

here is my comment:

Steve:- Have a picture of Christ as a desktop background.

How can anyone say that that is not Big Brother? Further proof that people use Del Parson's image of Christ to keep them from masterbating/looking at porn/fornication/other sins because it gives them the feeling that they are being watched.

I had a roommate who actually had a picture of Jesus with a small book light on it to try to prevent his girlfriend and him from sexing it up.



  1. I find it interesting that you feel umcomfortable with the weight of the gaze of that picture. It just makes me wonder things.

  2. I find it interesting that you feel umcomfortable with the weight of the gaze of that picture.

    uncomfortable? huh?

    please explain. i don't feel any discomfort with this painting, nor do i recall saying i feel uncomfortable with it.

    is this another one of your imaginations? say hello to king friday for me.

  3. "I had a roommate who actually had a picture of Jesus with a small book light on it to try to prevent his girlfriend and him from sexing it up."

    This makes me laugh... didn't he know that Jesus and Mary Mag. where most likely married and sexing it up all the time? It's a theory... I'm not saying I completely subscribe to it, however I do think Jesus was for "making love" and you can interpret THAT however you would like... yada... yada... yada...

    Have a good one. :)

  4. i remember when i was a freshman and still very mormon. i had my jesus pic up in my dorm room at westminster, where a) it got a lot of comments and i was deemed "the mormon girl" (how funny is THAT?!) and b) always made me feel very awkward if i were, say, getting to know someone a little better (this is obviously the classy way of saying something more obscene...CLASS!) and i would have to turn it around. i got more creeped out of pictures of my dead grandpa that were up in my room when i lived @ my grandma's house...he was always watching...

  5. Actually, it looks like Big Brother is checking out your girlfriend.

    It's kind of creepy when you try to visualize it. I wonder if it's worse for LDS women, since the Mormon God is male?

  6. This is kind of random, but this post just made me remember...Before my brother left on his mission, his desktop background images were always pictures of a scantily-clad Jennifer Love Hewitt in various seductive poses. To my knowledge, these pictures didn't induce any indulgence in porn or releasing of the factory valve.

  7. I wonder what picture Joseph Smith had on his wall when he was nailing all of those teenaged girls? Joseph Smith was the Hugh Hefner of his time.

  8. Was i the aforementioned roommate?

  9. john:

    It's kind of creepy when you try to visualize it. I wonder if it's worse for LDS women, since the Mormon God is male?

    When I was little I used to wonder if God watched me pooping. As far as LDS women go, there is a female deity (though she has to watch from a telescreen in Her closet).

    Though this is not quite what 1984 (and Big Brother paintings) was about. It was more about the panoptic idea of, not actually being watched, but the self-regulation enacted from the fear and reminder that one could be watched.

    anonymous coward:

    that was just lame.


    Did you have an illuminated Jesus painting to? I was refering to Joe.

  10. No i didn't have an illuminated Jesus picture. I just wanted to make sure that you weren't remembering something wierd about me.

  11. "There is no one as blind as he who will not see." Brother Joseph had thousands of trysts with girls younger than 17. Yes, you read that correctly - THOUSANDS. Not bad for a second-rate preacher, a pathalogical liar, a business cheat, and a first-degree sexual predator. Even Hugh Hefner waited till they turned 18 before nailing them. Joseph liked them young as did Brother Brigham.

  12. Sources are always welcome... unless of course its just your imagination again

  13. Im not sure there is enough memory space of this web page for me to post all of the sins of Joseph and Brigham. If you want them I would be more than happy to provide the down and dirty facts. There is enough to fill a small library. Both of these fine men nailed teen-aged girls like there was no tomorrow.

  14. huh... and yet still no sources for this small library of information. Sounds made up to me

  15. Just another disgruntled unhappy Jack Mormon who has to find a way to be happy... and he thinks that saying those disgusting things about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young will bring him happiness. His source is a salamader on the shores of the mighty Little Miami river in southwestern Ohio.

    You shall know it by its fruits!

  16. The truth shall set ye free.

  17. Yes you are correct both Joseph and Brigham were disgusting creatures.

  18. Mark McGrath9/14/2006 11:29 PM

    "Are you the same Mark McGrath that used to sing for Sugar Ray?"

    No, like the scriptures say, "For I am called to speak after this manner, according to the holy order of God" Alma 5:44

    I am like Jeremiah, and I will speak, speak, speak, speak.

    "If not, then you have not right to speak."

    Read these words carefully, Lloyd.

    God reaches for you from the depths and pulls you under without regret. You fool who plays with tools, the blind who knows no rules.

    From God's mighty hammer, he strikes your face to make you stammer, to trip, to fall down below, your words, worthless and without control. You are a stammering, stuttering fool whose mind is blind and heart is cruel.

    I stretch forth my hand and command: you are the painmaker whose pain will rain on your brain.

    Krickle Krackkel your brain is now Fragle.

    Gablow, Gablowe your life is frown; tick on the wall; Spiders death is on your breath; down below your soul will go to trouble my friends no more. Click Clock, your time is up.

    God reaches from the depths below and takes your heart down below. Frigle Fragle, you don't know what's the matter; you heart is pounding your chest is thawed; nothing to solve. Reach, reach my friend, into the depths, and in your hands you'll find your flesh. You attempt to control with your mind you grow, I summon the demons to crawl and go on your skin and skull. Figgle fraggle what's the matter your soul is gone and you no longer matter.

    Krickel Krackel what's the clackle, behind your mind;

    the death screams in your dreams, the worms below suck and flow in your mind look behind you will see the demons form.

    Listen, Lloyd: you think it is sunshine and rain, but you're really just eating your own brain. In circles, spins, and whirlwhinds, up goes your mind; you are closed; you are blind.

    Release your hold, you are told.

    Your mind is blind and your soul is not whole.

  19. Mark:

    Sugar Ray or no Sugar Ray, you have won you're right to say whatever the hell you want.

    that was just awesome. a big odd and disturbing. but awesome nonetheless.

  20. ashley the great9/15/2006 8:17 AM

    The whole time i was reading 1984, that was Exactly what i thought of!


    can i be you when i grow up? please!?!

  21. "you have won you're right to say whatever the hell you want."

    If I've won the battle today, then I will claim my prize right away.

    Your mind, your heart, your soul. Pieces of them are now mine to control.

    I place them around my neck; they are my trophies, for all to respect. IT is done.

  22. Mark --- your messed up dude! You've got the rhyming thing down cold, but you've got some other issues to work on okay

    ryan o

  23. Where are you, Lloyd?! Where are you?! You, who slap and stomp on the weak; I am in your house and you can't speak?!

    Then I will take the part of your brain that I have won, and I crush it in between my fingers and thumb. Feel. My. Wrath, you baboon. You animal. You ass.

    This blog is now mine! I rule in this mind. You. Follow. Me.

    And now I go beyond the depths of knowledge, into your mind, without blockage. Deep. Deep. Deep. And now I speak. Kneel, Lloyd. before me; for into your mind, I will spill these words: I am in the deepest, darkest depths of your fear-based dungeon, I reach out from the shadows on the wall and grab your heart, your gaul, your chest for I am the nightmare of which there is no rest.

    You are mine, Lloyd. For now and all time.

  24. Loyd... sounds like someone has a crush on you.

  25. I have that picture up in my room, and I have no trouble getting it on with my woman. I don't think the pic makes me think twice about taking her brah off and umm, other stuff. haha. it's just a picture!

  26. I think the real reason for having the picture up isn't to say "big brother is watching you" but to try and inspire Godly sorrow. If someone in the past has repented of a sin they discussed with priesthood leadership there was probably a discussion of the atonement and its connection with Godly sorrow. I think the pictures of Christ are meant more as a reminder of that than of a "he's watching you" sentiment. If in the past you have felt that your sin (viewing of porn, stealing, etc.) caused Jesus pain and you felt bad about it- a picture of Jesus may indeed be a good reminder that at one point you prommissed not to do the same thing again.

    Although, this reminds me of a missionary who served in a few of my zones. Any time he went on splits or had some reason for being in another missionaries appartment, first thing he did was go to the bathroom to see if their were pictures of Christ on the wall. Rumor had it that putting pictures up in the bathroom was part of the mission president's plan for helping Elders quit masterbating and Elder Grimsley thought that was hillarious.


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