Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i think i just threw up in my mouth

i can be mean at times, and sometimes i just can't help myself. every now and then i come across a blog that is just so ultra-conservative, so utterly void of rationality, (and may i say so evil) that i can't leave it alone. like a terrible itch, i have to keep scratching, and scratching, and scratching at it... only to find the itch strengthen and grow.

meet connor


  1. Wow, I've gone from "the ugly" to "so evil". It's hard to tell if this is a promotion or demotion.

  2. I must say, his is much more interesting than this one.

  3. Once again the anonymous asshole weighs in with his last two cents.

  4. Once again anonymous lacks substance and shames himself with no name.

    I didn't find anything wrong with his site...just more points of view...which article did you especially not like?

  5. ok mad dog, as if your name gives us much more info as to who you are??

  6. connor: the 'ugly' is descriptive of the general attitude and morality of the blog (as well as the lack of rationality). as such, ugly and evil are pretty much synomous, the latter being more specific.

    Chris: I find any of his posts that lack rationality, hold a naive view of abortion, seem obsessed with conspiracies and secret combinations, possess a benson-esque or bircher manic fear of socialism/communism, and lack christian love as especially abhorrent. plan b, follow the prophet, jfk, wicked gentiles, jill and jill, and social security are recent examples.

    james: though i have never met el mad dog, from his name i can assume that he is the same el mad dog that leaves comments on other posts, occasionally writes on, and has this myspace address.

  7. Yep thats me, this isn't a new concept no one asks you to give out personal information here but there are always a few comments left by "anonymous" that aren't traced back to anyone. Like the Narrator said you can easily see other things that ive written and respond even if i don't use my first and last name.

    I don't even know why im writing this. I havn't said anything new here.

  8. I don't find anything "wrong" with connor's site. It's his opinion and his reasons for his opinions. Just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean they are lacking in substance / or rationality or anything else. I find things you say void of morality and/or (what I consider) logical reasoning. I don't think that makes you ugly or evil - it simple adds to my beliefe that God has given me the ability to form my own opinions based on my world-view. You base your opinion on your world view.

    Why are you so adamentaly opposed to anyone who criticizes you (I'm not going to specificly mention the govenor of Utah here) Yet you seem hot on the trigger to tear others down?

    ryan o

  9. ryan, i didn't expect you to see connor's blog as irrational and problematic. it is just my opinion from my view of the world. and that opinion is that, for the most part, connor's ideas are a perfect example of what is so wrong with right-wing christianity and mormonism today (though connor has recently surprised me... perhaps not for the right reasons though).


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