Tuesday, January 23, 2007

god spoke to me through a child.

little children do have words given unto them many times, which confound the wise and the learned. -alma 32:23

god spoke to me through the mouth of a five your old child yesterday morning, and i do not doubt it.

the last couple weeks i have been struggling with a decision that i have had to make in my life. though i was pretty sure what i needed to do, i also knew that it would be accompanied with a lot of hurt and sorrow.

these last few months i have made several big steps and changes in my life. i have begun praying again and seeking to find that spiritual aspect of my life that i thought i had long lost. while i have been making steps, i have also been harboring doubts and skepticism that have held me back and continued to make things difficult.

...that is until god spoke to me yesterday through my five year old nephew. in fairly clear and precise terms, he answered in my prayers in a way that presupposed information about my life that my little nephew could not have known. i found myself in awe as much of my sorrow and fear turned to joy and excitement.

it's not only what my nephew told me, but that he told me. in a brief moment, my doubts and questions of god's existence and love for me seemed to vanish. i felt god's love. i knew god's love. suddenly, so many aspects of my life that i have feared or questioned became clear to me. i knew what i needed to do with much of my life. i knew that it would be accompanied by moments or periods of pain, but that i must endure it. my world suddenly changed and everything felt right.

"where did that come from?"


"did you hear someone tell you that?"

"no. i was just thinking it."

"do you know that god sometimes speaks to us through little boys?"


"well he just did. thank you very much."

"you're welcome."

then he smiled and went back to playing.

god spoke to me yesterday. i do not doubt it. if i will just remember this, my world will never be the same.


  1. Finally, welcome back!

  2. Hey Loydo, you went somewhere? Where did you go? Did you get me a souvenir? Freak, if you go somewhere let me know next time. PSFT! what's with people? I just don't get it sometime...

  3. Amazing story... It was even better in person... Hopefully the memory of this can remain- especially after the 2 week "brick wall" of change(2 weeks after a big change in life, where you want to abandon the change)...

    The story inspired me, that's for sure.

    To steal a cliche, "by small and simple things..."

  4. I think God was just telling you that it was time to change your Mormon secret sacred underwear.


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