Wednesday, February 07, 2007

day 164

I woke up again this morning, yet for some reason I can’t help but feel this may be the last. Some people make lists of things they need to do before they die. Today, I saw a balloon float away in the distance. Just a small red helium balloon. Nothing particularly special about it. Below the balloon a gathering of school boys, perhaps five or six years of age, cheered it on. As the balloon drifted higher and higher, it seemed to shrink smaller and smaller. I sat on a nearby bench, beside a graffiti tale, and watched the balloon for what seemed like hours. Occasionally I’d lose it, but would quickly spot the speck of a reflection against the bright blue sky. A symphony of cars, birds, barking dogs, and children accompanied the scene. It was beautiful.

If I had created a list, this one event would have completed it all. I am truly alive.

Tonight, I kicked back on my balcony and watched the sun set over the western hills. As the light faded, the night sky began to come to life. Lines flew across the sky bringing the legends behind the constellations to life. There was Orion, the Hunter; Gemini, the Twins; and my friend Zitianos, the Beggar. My eyes grew tired, but I held them alive. If I held them open, life could be eternal. As I lay there, I could hear her singing the birds song, the final movement in my soundtrack. New lines appear in the sky depicting a new legend. Looking back at me from the stars is Zantanos, the Living.

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