Sunday, March 25, 2007


gasping for air,
but only taking in water.
foamy crests of waves crash
over my head. struggling
for safety.
a hand grasps mine, pulling me
out of danger.
breathing a sigh of relief,
i watch the saving hand
slip into the sea
i reach out, but cannot
save the drowning hand.
i cannot swim.


  1. i feel like a drowning hand... and think i catch the drift of this

    i really like it, and would like to write something similar to it...

  2. I wish I knew what that poem meant. All I really know is that Joseph Smith was a pathalogical liar, a child molestor, a murderer, a con man, a castrater, a flim flam man, and a despot. Adolf Hitler had nothing on Joseph Smith and his band of murderous outlaws.

  3. Loyd, you get a lot of ridiculous anonymous comments on your blog.

    I think your poem is poignant. And I have hope that things will work out.


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