Friday, May 25, 2007


i’m feeling claustrophobic
surrounded by too many people
asking me questions
needing directions
venting frustrations
full of suggestions
a world of congestion
clouding my head
drowning out the silence
replacing tranquility with a megaphone held to my head advertising the beauty of materialism
selling me shit i don’t need

i want to be home
i want to be alone
but once i get there the solitude which i sought becomes a prison for my ideas
a cell holding my thoughts
bound and chained, they scream through the iron bars
they pound on the door
they echo off the cement walls
and tiled floor
they shout aloud wanting to be heard
to make a difference
to transform the sky
to touch someone
to entertain
to edify

and so i write out my mind
and slip the notes through the cracks
to the prisoner next to me
so that she might see that the cracks in the cement walls were intentionally created
to be a passage of ideas
a concrete network
of stories
of rebellion
of lessons
of poems
of dreams
and desires

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