Monday, August 06, 2007

my spoiler-free harry potter review

on friday night, i finally finished the last few chapters of harry potter and the deathly hallows. here are some of my thoughts...

my roommate needs to eat more fiber. when i wake up in the morning i should be able to flush the toilet with ease. it just aint right. also, he really needs to stop wanting to shake my hand. it's weird.

i've been thinking up a theory on the myth of laissez faire. here is the gist of it. the government is part of the capitalistic/economic system. as such, it's policies (even the socialist policies) are geared to support and strengthen the capitalistic economy. the government is essentially just as profit-centered as any business out there, basically it is an indirect partner with business. governmental economic policies and interventions then are not outside forces trying to manipulate the economic system, but are rather a natural (evolutionary) part of the economic system being guided by adam smith's 'invisible hand.' to push for laissez faire would actually be a paradox or contradiction because it would essentially be an outside force trying to manipulate the economic system away from it's natural course.

i could imagine myself painting houses until the day i die, but i'd much rather imagine myself living much much longer.

i'm not sure if i liked john travolta in hairspray. i haven't liked john travolta in anything... even pulp fiction. samuel l. jackson made travolta bearable. without christopher walken, travolta would have left me thinking "gawd, i hate john travolta."

the other day i was walking home from school and began craving a spicy buffalo chicken sandwhich and a five piece chicken nuggets from wendy's. just after picking them up to go, i ran into a 'homeless' guy outside of wal-mart. he's apparently homeless because he got arrested for picking up a prostitute (he claimed he was just helping out a poor girl by giving her some money) and some resulting conspiracy with the catholic church. he began spouting off curses on everybody involved with this conspiracy. it began to scare me and i decided he needed the food more than i did. however, after walking away with my food in his hands, i was bothered because i really wanted a spicy buffalo chicken sandwhich and a five piece chicken nuggets. i asked myself what would jesus do? i decided jesus would drive back to wendy's and buy another spicy buffalo chicken sandwhich and a five piece chicken nuggets.

gawd, i hate john travolta.

scrubs is the best comedy on television. yes, i dare say that it is even better than southpark.

oh yeah, and i enjoyed the harry potter book. it was an excellent read and appropriately ended the series.


  1. what do you think of my t-shirt, Lloyd?

    anyways, see u at sunstone tomorrow.

  2. Narrator, you are way cute. It was fun to see you in person.

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    You'll be glad you did!


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