Friday, September 28, 2007

*oh loyd*

i don't have the best relationship with uvsc's college times. on a few occasions they have managed to really irk me with their last second editorial decisions. last week, they asked me to be a guest columnist and write a piece responding to a letter to the editor.  they told me it needed to be between 750-900 words. the result was the preceding blog post.

yesterday i got an e-mail telling me that they changed their mind and decided that the paper should not take a stance in responding to a letter to the editor. they wanted to instead print my response as a letter to the editor. however, to do so they wanted to cut the length of my piece in half. they asked me what i wanted them to do.

here was my response:

Here's what you can do. Print it up on three 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of white photocopy paper. The usual. One inch margins. 12-point Times New Roman font. Stack each page on top of each and then together fold them lengthwise (aka hotdog style). Fold it widthwise once (hamburger style) and then lengthwise one more time. Roll this piece in a tube. Grab one end of the tube and begin to twist the papers so that the entire length is tightly twisted. Now coil it up tightly. Finally, shove it up your ass.

needless to say, my attempt to voice my frustration in a humorous way was not well received and most likely, my relationship with the college times is forever severed. . . . kinda like many of the relationships in my life.


  1. Well your response does seem to be a bit uncalled for.

  2. I'm dieing over here - that's freaking hilarious!!! Damn the man, green eggs and ham!

  3. Man, I hate it when people are critical on blog comments yet don't have the courage to at least post their name. Anonymous posters need to quit hiding and include their name. Stand up tall or don't be so critical in your anonymity.

  4. I personally love your response. This is exactly what I would have done and I applaud you for taking a stand on this issue. When we are all dead and gone the only thing that is going to identify us is what we write. Loyd you are slowly winning me over. I think you have possibilities in this world. You are a man of your convictions. Keep it up.
    ps Im one of the anomymouses that you dont like.


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