Thursday, January 03, 2008

OBAMA WINS IN IOWA! - thoughts after the iowa caucus

after hearing clinton's jumping on the 'change' bandwagon during her speech tonight, it became even clearer to me that she just doesn't get it and obama certainly does.

clinton's 'change', like a simplified political hegelian dialectic, is not the type of change that america wants. her 'change' is simply the other side of the nauseating and stalemated coin of partisan politics. what america does not want is another polarizing and politics-as-norm democrat to replace the polarizing and politcs-as-norm republican who currently reigns in office. instead america wants a change of politics.

and that what obama has to offer. huck, mitt, and the gop's want to offer the new bush. clinton wants to offer the anti-bush. obama is offering the anti-politics-as-norm.

this was so clear in comparing clinton's and obama's speeches tonight. clinton saw the democratic turnout as a sign that the democrats can win the office. obama sees the great turnout as a sign that america is ready for a new kind of politics. the former's speech was riddled with democrat vs republican rhetoric; while on the other hand, the latter's speech focused on bringing democrats and republicans together to end the divisive and unproductive battles that have put our great nation in a rut.

however, to damper the evening, huckabee beat romney. now i am no romney fan. while i think the moderate and brilliant romney could great things for this country, the ultra-conservative and poll-minded romney that has emerged in these elections is not what i want implicitly representing my faith in the global sphere. what bothers me about huckabee's win over romney is that huckabee is retarded - and by that i mean mentally retarded. in the last several weeks this guy has proven himself oblivious to the world around him. pakistan... what? the nie report on iran... huh? he claims he was too busy campaigning to keep in touch with the news, yet he had plenty to say about brittany spears' pregnant sister. huckabee the idiot won the republican iowa caucus by playing the 'i am a christian' card and it worked... and that's a scary thing.


  1. I'm thinking, hey, people really are disgusted with business as usual, especially in regards to this retarded war we are in right now! Praise the Lord.

    I also found myself thinking, what if Romney actually ultimately wins the GOP nod; can you imagine the pre-1978 position of the church being thrown up in his face if it comes down to him facing Obama? *Shudder*

  2. I went to the Obama Kickoff here in Seattle!

    As of now, he has my vote.


  3. Loyd - sit down:

    After hearing Mrs. Bill Clinton's speech I became excited that she was 3rd. After hearing parts of Obama speech I was happy he won. Of all the Democratic choices, I think he's the best. I don't agree that he's the brand new non-partisan / anti-politics-as-norm that many think he is - but he is a good candidate.

    I also don't think that any of the GOP are offering "the new Bush" as you put it. The spend a lot of time talking about where Pres Bush has gone wrong and not one of them has asked Pres. Bush to campaign with them.

    I completely agree about your comparisons of Obama versus Clinton though. Mrs Bill Clinton seems to be stuck in this "Pres Bush ruined EVERYTHING that ever was" mindset. Obama seemed more focused on the future which was refreshing.

    Huckabee is a moron. It's good to know that before president bush, Jimmy Carter was the last one to win Iowa and then go on to get the party nomination in their first run at office.

    Here's to a much smarter New Hampshire and South Carolina (and I think Wyoming is this saturday).

  4. I'm no Romney fan either, but i agree that he could be good for the country. The problem is, that he has to lie and change his stances to win the nomination. Once he does that, he can change back into a moderate. It's sad that that is the way he has to do it. What would be even sadder is if he won the nomination and didn't change back. Please someone give me a legitimate candidate who is against the war, wants little government interference, and won't spend this nation into bankruptcy.

  5. Loyd, you are the biggest hypocrite ever! You come onto my blog and say crap like I'm being offensive by using the word retarded, resort to name calling, and then condemn me for it. Then you go and call Gov. Huckabee retarded? Wow. What little respect I had for you is completely obliterated now. I could have easily agreed with much of what you said had you not attacked me for using a common phrase in todays culture that describes something stupid. I'm not saying that the word is right to use or that I was right to use it, but for you to get so nasty with me and then turn around and use it on your blog shows how classless you really are.

  6. cody,

    i was specifically thinking of you when i wrote that. the difference is that i really think huckabee is mentally retarded. you used the phrase to say people were stupid (which you later lied about). i used the phrase to point out that huckabee may have some genetic abnormalities. now i'll admit, i don't know that much about huckabee and my analysis may be wrong. at least i'm admitting it my usage of the word, rather than lying and saying that i meant it in some other way - as you did when you claimed that you used the word 'retarded' to mean 'hindered'.

    and just in case you don't grasp my sarcasm, i don't think huckabee is actually mentally retarded. i think he may just be stupid.

    remember when i beat you up is the seventh grade, and sister so-and-so across the street protected you by running across the street and threatening to call her husband the cop on me? good times...

  7. oh yeah, and for any of you who want to know what cody is crying about... check out these two posts on his brother's blog.

    post 1

    post 2

  8. Please, Loyd. I used the word inadvertently to describe something stupid people were doing and you attack me for using the word, claiming that I was being disrespectful to people that really have mental handicaps. (I have made a conscious effort not to use that word so flippantly since that discussion by the way.) You, on the other hand, used the EXACT SAME word to describe an obviously intelligent person! Don't try and rationalize it by saying that you meant it sarcastically. The fact is that you condemned me for using the word, then you turn around and use that same word. Period. Admit that you are wrong on this one.

  9. i'm a hypocrite. i'm the first to admit it. i don't live up to the way i ought to. i don't live up to the standards that i expect of others. now you admit that you lied on carson's blog and when you lied and said that you used the word 'retarded' to mean 'hindered'.

  10. and thanks for derailing the post.

  11. and while we're at it cody, why don't you admit that you lied on your own blog when you claimed that the deck you jumped off of was 60 to 70 feet. i've been on that deck plenty of times. 6 stories??? give me a break.


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