Thursday, July 31, 2008

super dell is annoying and crazy and everybody hates him

i've never liked super dell. he is annoying. for those of you who don't know of him, 'super dell schanze is a really really annoying ass (read donkey) who used to own a few computer shops here in utah. he had really annoying commercials which pretty much everybody hated. apparently his computer were pretty good though and he made a load of money to buy guns and open a gun shop so he could buy more guns. he liked to point his guns at people which led him to getting arrested. he is also really annoying.

eventually everybody in utah decided he was just too annoying and didn't want to buy his computers anymore. so he closed up his shop, blamed the news and threatened to kill them, and bought a powered paraglider to annoy people from the sky. pretty much everybody in utah hates him. the police hate him. his neighbors hate him. anybody who has ever watched tv or radio in utah hates him. the faa hates him. even wikipedia hates him. i know that god is supposed to be all loving, but i'll bet a dollar that even god hates him.

here is a list of other reasons to hate him

but apparently super dell isn't hated enough and he has decided to call citizens throughout utah and plead for them to hate him. he recently filed his intent to run for the governor of utah. this is the actual recording of his automated calls:

he used to remind me of my old friend cody who could be equally annoying, but super dell has long since far far far passed his annoyance level.


  1. this post cracks me up. I'm wondering if super dell will make an appearance on your comments telling you what he thinks. I bet he can handle a little more criticism than the Huntsman's but perhaps you should invest in a bullet proof vest or something. I'm wondering if I should start worrying since I know where you are staying!

  2. I'm glad I don't live in Utah anymore. Hilarious post though man! I second the idea of purchasing a vest for yourself - at least for the next month or so.

  3. Wow. I was really surprised when I first saw him on a Money Train commercial because I thought he'd know that everyone hates him and not want his new business to get ruined by having his annoying face/voice on it. But he's really going to run for governor? Maybe he doesn't know that everyone hates him.

  4. Hey you better watch out. Remember the last time you attacked a potential utah governor on this blog :)

  5. hahahahahahaahahaa! ok my old boss at that very unethical scrap booking place was friends with him. when he came in to the place i couldn´t believe that he was really like that in person. FOR REAL. wierdo

  6. Oh man. That phone message is crazy. I showed a lot of folks this post in DC, and they couldn't believe it. Now, he has people hating him all over this country.


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