Thursday, July 10, 2008

why mormon missionaries shouldn't try to bash

i came across this while researching today. i was quite the bible basher on my mission but i realized that it just ticked everyone off. had i met this guy later on in my mission, i probably would have just joked around with him, made a few simplistic 'jesus is awesome' remarks, and tried to just be friends with him.

i'll admit it though, it's simultaneously pretty sad and hella funny when the missionary (greenie?) n the left tries to bear his testimony at the end and just gets shot down. it should seem pretty obvious which is the senior and which is the junior companion.

to all you missionaries (and future missionaries) out there, here is some advice. nobody likes to be told when they first meet someone that they belong to an apostate religion. just avoid that for a while.



  1. ewwwwwww. bad taste in my mouth.

  2. lol

    the testimony at the end was pretty funny

  3. poor guys. they did not know how in over their heads they were going to be. i wish i could see a clip of loyd interacting with that guy. that'd be funny. i'm sure it would've been very different, in a very good way.

  4. sad. the moment he got all ¨semantics¨and word play on me i´d have been out of there. alright, man, look us up in the white pages if you´re ever interested in a sincere discussion. have a great night and keep on keeping on.

  5. Funny stuff.

    And sad.

    Missionaries really need to be more humble and diplomatic so they don't cause that kind of reaction. Don't talk down to people, don't act holier than thou, and don't start with the BOM and Joseph Smith. Start by treating people like you really care about them and will listen as much if not more than you preach.

    My two cents

  6. The guy they're talking to is pretty full of himself too though

  7. Way to go, Elders!!

    That's the way to give it to the Satan!

    It's haaaard being a missionary, but even with a sincere testimony, we can reach the one.

    Did you guys fill the spirit at the end when that Elder bour his testimony? I did. Chills. Chills up and down my spine.

    Normally I wouldn't 'bible bash', but that guy had it coming. Just wait till he dies and sees who made the reaaaallly biiig mistake (here's a hint, it's not the Elders, it's the other guy!)

    Pray for me,

    Elder Gandy

  8. elder gandy,

    either they've changed the mission rules, or you shouldn't be on the internet reading blogs. they can be evil with naughty words and stuff.

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  10. Seriously, are you a jack mormon? Are you even a member?

  11. jackie,

    yes. i am so seriously a mormon. why?

  12. it seems your takes on the church are very controversial. that's why i question.

  13. understandable. i get that at times. at least you had the courtesy to ask.


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