Tuesday, August 19, 2008

cafferty on mccain


  1. typical right-wing hatemonger8/19/2008 2:32 PM

    this coming from the guy that deletes comments that he thinks are merely "copy and paste" ... how ironically hypocritical.

  2. you merely were just copy and pasting what somebody else had written in an attempt to derail the discussion.

    i was posting a link in a new post that had the author's name in the title.

    so typical right-wing hatemonger of you to not see the difference.

    if you've got something to say about caffery's op-ed, feel free to share it. else don't bother to comment on my blog - it will be deleted.

  3. What an excellent article. McCain always tries to save his hide during Q&A the same way Bush does - a half-assed attempt to make people laugh. McCain can only stay afloat with a "solid" VP choice. Otherwise, the ticket won't stay the course through the election process.

  4. Yes, Obama is quite the rhetorical genius. That's why he refuses to meet McCain in town forum or Lincolin-Douglass style debates, and why his campaign is accusing McCain of cheating at the debate.

  5. s.o.,

    when i was watching mccain in the forum, i thought that the candidates had been given all of the questions beforehand because mccain repeatedly referred to questions that had not yet been asked. i don't think it would matter though if mccain had been prepped with all of the questions months in advance. mccain has repeatedly shown (and admitted) an ignorance of the issues. as cafferty pointed out, and i concur with) mccain's seemingly pathetic canned answers don't just reveal his lack of speaking skills, but reveal a lack of having ever seriously thought about the answers. just compare obama and mccain's responses to questions about faith and particularly their responses to the question about the existence of evil.

    seriously, listen to mccain's response to the question "does evil exist and what should we do about it?". his answer will make you want to reach across time and space and slap him in the face for being so simplistic and obtuse.

  6. Upon review I am forced to concede that the content of Obama's answers were more sophisticated than McCain's, but polished and skillfully-delivered they were not. Probably why I missed it the first time; if there was a drinking game for Obama's verbal pauses you'd be passed out after the first 30 seconds. And so while I understand that Obama's philosophical tack may appeal to someone like yourself, when you (and Cafferty) say that John McCain lacks speaking skills or substance, I am left to wonder if you live in an alternate universe.

  7. s.o.,

    i have a professor who told me that he didn't trust anyone who didn't stutter a little. for him, the lack of a stutter or pause was a sign of a canned response. small stutters and pauses, on the other hand, were a sign for him that the speaker was taking time to consider the question and phrase the answer the best he could.

    i'll agree that in saturday's forum, mccain came out with 'the win'. he was speaking to the home crowd and was able to spout off one-liners that sent conservatives clapping, whistling, and hooting.

    take for example,

    "Offshore drilling. We've got to drill now and we've got to drill here, and we've got to become independent of foreign oil. (Cheers, applause.)"

    "It means I'm saved and forgiven."

    "At the moment of conception. (Cheers, applause.)"

    "A union -- a union between man and woman, between one man and one woman. That's my definition of marriage. (Applause.)"

    "Defeat it. (Applause.) A couple of points. One, if I'm president of the United States, my friends, if I have to follow him to the gates of hell, I will get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. (Applause.) I will do that, and I know how to do it. I will get that guy. (Applause.)"

    i realize that he said more about each of these, but those tended to be simplistic narratives or more canned responses that failed to show that he had actually ever thought about these issues.

  8. s.o.,

    furthermore, i believe that mccain had access to the questions beforehand. he lied at the very beginning of his appearance about being in the 'cone of silence'; and as i mentioned earlier, i think he revealed during the interview that he knew what the questions would be.

    but of course, if mccain had been prepped with the questions months in advance, he probably would have just replied with the same canned answers anyways. knowing them slightly in advance though may have been beneficial for him, as he would have been able to prep his canned answers - something he may have needed to do since he wouldn't have lieberman behind him whispering what he should say.

  9. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    Don't worry, I'm just as torn up about it as you are. I started out thinking I could vote for this guy. After I read his book I thought, well, if I can't vote for him, at least an articulate and well-spoken president will be a welcome change. But then he had to quit debating Hillary because every time he opened his mouth his poll numbers dropped. And when he got the nomination it turned out that he was just as politician as the rest. Oh well. An Obama presidency is worth it, if only for the schadenfreude from seeing his followers' lost at sea and eating crow as he moves to the center.

  10. after being in Spain for 2 months and having the opportunity to talk to people(and not just one person from each) from spain, france, germany, venenzuela, peru, columbia, england, albania, and the u.s, i am scared for the united states if we get another president that will carry on Bush´s legacy.

    the dollar is falling, the worlds faith in the US is being buried, animosity for the US is growing, we are the Athens of ancient Greece. the rest of the world can´t wait for us to be brought down off our high horse, and they just might help in shrinking our over grown heads.

    sad. scary. but true.


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