Wednesday, September 24, 2008

letterman on mccain

in case you haven't heard, john SIDNEY mccain, a former prisoner of war, announced that he is going to suspend his campaign and wants to postpone friday's presidential debate as well as next week's vice-presidential debate so that he and and sarah palin, a woman, can have more time to memorize their answers. in the process mccain, a former prisoner of war, also canceled his appearance on dave letterman. dave was not happy.

this is from tonight's show.


  1. I saw this - and loved it. Letterman is the man. The former prisoner of war ought to admit his political ploy here, before it backfires too much.

  2. So, the campaign is suspended because the economy is in trouble? Non-sequitur? What, John Sidney McCain, a former prisoner of war, had to go to a meeting? He had to go back to Washington and vote on something? So the campaign's off? I don't get it.

  3. Palin maybe, but I don't think McCain is the one memorizing answers for the debate. I have a feeling that he's going to mop the floor with Obama, just like Hillary did during the primaries, just like Kerry did to Bush in 2004. But you all don't have much to worry about, just look where it got them.

  4. s.o.,

    of course obama is prepping his answers. he wasn't the one trying to cancel it because he didn't feel prepped enough.

  5. s.o.,

    i apparently stand corrected. i guess mccain didn't need extra time to prepare. he already won tonight's debate which will start in 4.5 hours. my bad.

  6. i forgot why Dave Letterman had a show...and now i remember. he can be funny! how great was that. so sad i am days behind whats happening in the US. i do have a question, why do mccain supports find it so hard to admit when he´s been a jacka**? and that he is a jacka** for choosing his running mate? i have a new found love for David Letterman! how funny!


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