Sunday, October 05, 2008

highlights from the vp debate

to make sense of the actual debate, here is a chart from palin's debate training that the press has acquired.

finally, here is an ap article about palin and mccain's new smear attacks on obama.

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  1. hahahahahaha! no doubt that was her chart! that is exactly how i felt watching the debate. ha ha ha.

    the editorial...i have felt that we americans like to forget about the unibomber and timothy mcvey (oklahoma city bombing) becuase they are white men. it drives me mad that because they are white men the majority of the country is ok with ¨well, they are not the norm¨. yeah, extremist muslims are not the norm either and yet we like to be so afraid of all muslims.

    absolutely she is trying to play on our racists fears of people that are different than the majority. and that is soooo wrong. instead of trying to bring this country together she is playing typical old dirty politics to divide us. so much for her ¨new¨politics, and her ¨change¨.


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