Thursday, October 16, 2008

mccain, a former prisoner of war, continues to fuel hatred

today thousands of americans have begun receiving the following automated voice message from the john SIDNEY mccain, a former prisoner of war, campaign:

if that didn't sicken you enough, this is the type of hatred that he, a former prisoner of war, is fueling:


  1. A thought for you ...10/16/2008 6:31 PM

    the longer and louder you try to prove how right you are - the more wrong you make yourself to be.

  2. and what am I wrong about? that this was a mccain, a former prisoner of war, automated call? that mccain supporters are saying those things in the video? or that john SIDNEY mccain, a former prisoner of war, is fueling this hatred when he is actively trying to link Obama with terrorism?

  3. Erik Gumbrecht10/17/2008 1:04 PM

    John McCain is about responsible for these comments from the weirdos filmed as Obama is responsible for these folks:

    Keep in mind I'm not voting for McCain or Obama. Both of these guys are straight up liars (have you looked at Fact Check or Politifact lately?)

    I'm also not going to support anyone who supported the "bailout." My vote goes to Bob Barr 2008!

    I'm going to vote officials for small government because of how corrupt all those folks are with our money. Its our responsibility as family, friends, and neighbors to take care of one another. We don't need socialism. Small regulations and incentives can be put on free market business to steer them in the right direction...preferably by state officials...not federal (people have more say about what affects them directly).

    As far as fueling hatred...what's worse...McCain making a typical attack on Obama's choice of friends, or Obama and company attacking Joe the Plummer...a guy that basically just asked a question. He's being demonized for owing under $2000 back taxes and not having a plumbing license. This is the typical kind of guy Obama has been professing to protect and look out for all along. The "Middle Class". What a crock...

  4. erik,

    i won't deny that there is a vitriolic attitude by supporters of both candidates aimed at the other. both sides will boo. both sides will give each other the middle finger.

    however there is a substantial difference between the content of the acerbic expressions. there is a big difference between calling the opposing party's candidate a liar and calling the opposing party's candidate a terrorist. you're smart and i'm sure you know the difference.

    furthermore, i'll admit that both candidates have fueled the characterization of the other. obama has been characterizing mccain, a former prisoner of war, as a liar; and mccain, a former prisoner of war, has been characterizing obama as a terrorist.

    both sides have been accusing the other of lying. that's the norm. it's expected and rather safe (though not necessarily right). however, mccain's attempting to characterize obama as a terrorist is not only completely unfounded, but also plays into the dangerous realm of fear-mongering in a society that is still violently scared of terrorism (thanks to maybe keifer sutherland and 24).

    as far as the joe the plumber things goes, mccain brought joe the plumber into the forefront and used him as a political ploy. mccain (and joe the plumber) were claiming that obama's plan was going to hurt 'middle class joe.' if they are going to raise that accusation, it is fair for the obama camp to point out that joe won't even come close to making the $250,000 that he was claiming and that he wasn't even paying his taxes in the first place. if mccain is going to attack obama on false premises, how is it wrong for obama to point out how false those premises are?


  5. Erik Gumbrecht10/17/2008 7:31 PM

    I understand and respect your argument. This mostly because I do feel McCain is trying to strike fear into people's minds about Obama. I don't agree with his reasoning. However, McCain has been clear he is trying to bring about question of Obama's judgment for associating rather than calling him a terrorist (although we know the you don't have to explain).

    On the issue of Joe the Plumber: Targeting the facts about him just goes away from the real issue. It doesn't really matter at all whether Joe the Plumber is legit or not. The fact it isn't right for a person who made good decisions, works hard, and becomes successful should be penalized. Whether Joe the Plumber is in this category or not is not relevant. His question was very legitimate. And, I don't fault him for wanting to achieve his dream someday. If he does what it takes to get their, he should reap the reward.

    If Obama wants to help the middle class he needs to do things that incent people to be work harder. Making them feel comfortable by sharing the wealth of others is not the answer. It enables us to accept our current way of life. It doesn't spark a desire to be something bigger/better. It doesn't benefit the rich either...because they aren't the ones being charitable, they're just being taxed against their will.

    Government should create opportunity for all. They should set up programs that the rich can choose donate to that help fund programs that progress others to improve their way of life. They could incentivize with a decent tax break for doing so. This way the rich are able to give in a charitable fashion and excercise their liberties for the good of mankind...without sacrificing the freedom of citizens to choose what to do with what is rightfully theirs.

  6. Erik Gumbrecht10/17/2008 7:33 PM

    That link didn't show for some reason:

  7. Erik Gumbrecht10/17/2008 7:34 PM

    Still didn't...

    Oh butt scratchin and bass fishin if you want to read it :)

  8. Erik Gumbrecht10/17/2008 7:47 PM

    Sorry...I forgot to show my respects. I failed to mention "a prisoner of war" both times I mentioned McCain. :)

  9. Erik,

    the problem with McCain's abuse of 'Joe the Plumber' was that he was using Joe to represent middle class America and argue that Obama's plan will hurt middle class America, just as it is hurting Joe. The problem is that Obama's plan isn't hurting Joe.

    You can turn Joe into an a cry that Obama is a socialist (as Joe did himself), but I think that any cry of socialism is just an attempt to bring up cold war red-scare fear. By your boy Bob's standard, McCain is a socialist as well.

    I really don't want to go into a discussion about socialism though as that should be a topic of an entirely different post or encyclopedia - as a socialism or not-socialism distinction is far too simplistic to simply point and say 'there'.

  10. Erik Gumbrecht10/18/2008 12:04 AM

    I agree McCain has socialist standards as well...which is precisely why I refuse to vote for him. My view of socialism vs. liberty is my personal conviction. It is not fear based. Neither is it accepted or rejected by all. Everyone is free to define what they feel freedom is. Which is one reason why I support smaller federal government and more decisions made by the state.

    Personally, I prefer to take the viewpoint of Washington, Lincoln, etc. One may say their views are dated...that America is different and requires different policy. I still agree with the founding fathers in the core principles. I do accept and realize we live in a different situation these days, but the principles of liberty and freedom should be applied the best we can.

    It is our duty to take the principles which we feel are right, and share them for the common good. As a result, I may just have a President Obama. In this scenario, I will stick to my principles, but support wherever I can to help improve my country continually (continually fighting for liberty in my own way). I accept that this is part of being in a free country where decisions are made that I don't always agree with. But I am thankful to have the freedom of speech to attempt to share, inspire/be inspired by others. What a beautiful country...God Bless America

  11. typical right-wing hate mongor10/18/2008 2:08 PM

    lets not forget how if 'joe the plumber' was going to vote for "senator government" he would be used as the poster child for "senator government" - i can hear the headline now "joe the plumber so held down by bush's policy he can not even afford to pay his back taxes, or get his license ... or whatever else; and he is voting senator government to share in the wealth of the big corporations"

    it is just another page out of the liberal play book. completely predictable and pathetic. the longer "senator government" goes on the more of a puppet he shows himself to be.

  12. right-wing,

    for a second i was surprised that you actually had something substantial to say, but then you once again turned to generic and abstract attacks that lack substance.

    i agree. if joe plumber were voting for obama, obama might have very well used him. nobody is criticizing mccain, a former prisoner of war, for using someone as an example. the criticism is for how the former prisoner of war used him. as i already mentioned, john SIDNEY mccain, a former prisoner of war, as representative of obama purportedly hurting the middle class. if mccain, a former prisoner of war, is going to use false premises in an attack, obama has every right (and ought to exert that right) to point out the false premises.

    i'm only going to briefly mention the audacity that john SIDNEY mccain, a former prisoner of war, has in trying to blame obama for the media showing up on joe plumber's front lawn immediately following the debate. it wasn't obama who brought joe into the debate.

    finally.. why are we even talking about joe here? this post was about mccain, a former prisoner of war, inciting hate speech at his rallies by his fear-mongering negative ads. is it so obvious that that is the case that there is no point in discussing it further?


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