Friday, October 03, 2008

sarah palin is a disney movie

sarah! sarah! sarah! sarah! sarah! . . . i mean . . . rudy! rudy! rudy! rudy!

when i first saw this movie, i remember feeling all inspired. wow. rudy is just like me. i want to be like rudy some day. rudy wasn't some notre dame insider, but rudy showed the world he was just as great as any of those experienced and trained players who deserved to be on the field.

that movie was so inspiring.

about a week later something hit me: rudy sucked at football. he was terrible. he wasn't qualified to play in that game. he shouldn't have been qualified to play in any football game. the moral of the story was that if you are really bad at something and keep on trying and failing at it, eventually people will feel sorry for you and give you a chance. if you don't completely screw up that one chance they give you, they'll treat you as if actually accomplished something important when in fact you didn't do a single thing.

cut to sarah palin. after last night's debate some are acting like she actually accomplished something major. some have been touting that she won the debate. really?

stop and think about it people.

the only thing sarah palin accomplished last night was that she managed to not completely make an utter fool of herself. she didn't win in any normal sense of the word. the only thing she beat was the pathetically low expectations everyone had of her. after her last few series of interviews she would have had to trip while walking onto the stage, fall flat on her face, and try to debate with a wad of toilet paper stuffed up her nose to plug up a nosebleed in order to drop below the bar she set for herself.

rudy at least managed to get a sack in his game. what did palin manage?

she dodged question after question, explicitly refusing to answer some. her logic (or lack of it) while addressing climate change were cringe-worthy. her constantly repeated campaign lines about 'change' and 'maverick' were quickly pointed out by biden to be hollow and meaningless - she had the audacity to criticize biden for talking about the past with the bush adminstration, not realizing that 'change' is meaningless without a context of what we are changing from. her stats were often either flat out lies or logically fallacious. she kept touting herself as an 'expert on energy' but failed to show she knew anything about it. and half of her criticisms she threw out against obama were logicallly critical of her own running mate - she criticized obama for voting against a bill for funding troops even though mccain did the same; she criticized obama for not wanting to drill more in alaska's protected forests even though mccain refuses to drill there as well; she criticized obama for votes for taxes that mccain also voted similarly on. it seemed like she got so caught up in the excitement of being in the spotlight that maybe she thought she was running for president.

for any of you that think she did a great job in the debate, give it some thought. read the transcript of the debate where you might be less enchanted with her cute-as-a-button looks and joe-just-like-us-six-pack demeanor. try to avoid her uses of darn it and other catchy colloquial phrases. check to see if she has any substance.

if palin had been anyone whose expectations weren't set so low, this debate would have been seen as a unanimous win by biden. if romney, lieberman, or anyone else had performed like palin nobody would have been saying they did a great job.

like rudy, you will discover that she is unqualified to be playing on the field. sure it might look fun and inspiring to see her running around excited to be allowed to play, but think about it. would you really want rudy actually playing on the team? do you want him on your defense when the game is on the line? are you going to take the risk of rudy playing backup when the starter gets injured?

no you don't.

matt damon was right.


  1. NO DOUBT! i was inspired by her, as i just watched the debate. with her use of wonderful phrases about changing America, useing words like ¨feds¨, and not expicity blaming silly people for their own financial problems, she really did draw me in. she kept saying i talk straight, unlike you washington guys. blah blah....yes, i felt very drawn to her. Not gonna lie. but i didn´t hear any plans about anything. yes, she dodged alot of questions by saying, i´m not goign to answer like you want me to but talk about something else. yep. that is talking straight.

  2. My favourite part was the last question about what their Achille's heel was. As we know, she's great with giving specific answers, so apparently her Achille's heel is that John McCain is a maverick.

    By the way, did anyone keep track of how many times she said John McCain was a maverick?


  3. And now you know how we feel about Obama.

  4. s.o.,

    can you please point to me where palin has written or spoken on any particular issue that has shown she has given it some serious thought and reflection? where is her 'audacity of hope'? where is her speech on race relations? where is her speech on the role of faith in politics? where is her speech assessing the war in iraq?


    please point them out s.o.

    until then, stop trying to compare palin to obama.

  5. My bro-in-law showed me this site. Hilarious.

  6. Love it. Agree totally. If you were still a student here, I would have thrown this in its entirety in the paper.

  7. you should just print it under 'tyler durden'

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  9. s.o.,

    after that last comment, please don't comment on my blog anymore.

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  11. typical right wing hate mongor10/04/2008 1:49 PM

    yeah s.o. haven't you learned by now that it is okay to have your own opinion as long as it agrees with the narrators.

    the fact the biden didn't do crap in the debate isn't at issue here, we - in lock step with the liberal party (think nazi type dedication here) never question our own leaders who like to "borrow" other peoples speeches and plagerize papers in college. just because he likes to make up stories about being shot at in the green zone mean nothing. the important issue here is that palin is wrong.

    so repeat after me "palin is wrong and her debate was bad" now repeat that three times and give good old uncle sam your wallet - it's the patriotic thing to do after all; (no the boston tea party shouldn't be considered here).

  12. i asked s.o. to no longer post comments after his comment began with calling me a bastard.

  13. Nice analogy! Hearing maverick is getting really annoying, but aren't you also sick of hearing, "if you look at my track record" AHHHHH!! I am still on the fence, not because I think either party is more/less qualified. I have to say though I think I like Biden best of all the 4.

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  15. hahaha Hatemonger you are so funny. so you agree then that poor Palin had nothing substantial to say in the debate?

    i mean it makes sense to compare this blog to nazi´s. (or was that an attempt to misdirect attention to the fact that Palin flat out refused to answer questions)

    and yeah, i agree that damaging private property and attempting to blame it on Native Americans is the way to create change....or lower taxes.

    i mean, yeah, it makes sense that you would compare 1775 America with 2008 America....considering that just like in 1775 Americans pay less taxes than most other country´s. yeah...that makes sense.


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