Monday, October 20, 2008

yes on prop 8 - #2 same-sex marriage will make homosexuals gay

a few nights ago i came across an old ensign article from 1974 which shed's some light on another reason why same-sex marriages should be banned - the legalization of it will make homosexuals gay.

in the 'i have a question' section of the magazine, the question is asked: "Why does the Church oppose homosexuality? Why is it wrong?"

here is some of the answer:

Homosexuals and lesbians seldom are happy people. Theirs is a relationship that is unnatural, one not bound by fidelity, trust, or loyalty, and one totally lacking in the meaningful family relationships that marriage offers. Homosexuality often espouses emotional problems because of the constant insecurity inherent in a relationship neither sanctioned by nor protected by the law.

Because there is no legal bond, homosexuality too often encourages, or at least permits, promiscuity.

To say that “no one gets hurt” is presumptive. Homosexuals are hurt by the unacceptability of the relationship, not only by society, but also by themselves.
so basically, one of the reasons why homosexuality is wrong is because it is a sad lifestyle. the reason it is a sad lifestyle is because homosexuals are unable to have the same societal acceptance and interrelational security that legal marriage offers.

years ago, homosexuals stole the word 'gay' to describe themselves. while today they may call themselves gay (homosexual) they have not been gay (happy). however, with the legalization of marriage they may soon be able to call themselves gay in both senses of the term.

we cannot let that happen.

the scriptures explicitly teach that "men are, that they might have joy, but not be gay" (2 nephi 2:25). by delegitimizing their relationships we have been able to make sure that  homosexuals were sad and depressed gays, not gay gays.

if being gay is sinful, then being gay gay must be extra sinful. allowing homosexuals to marry each other will allows gays to be gay. and that is certainly something we cannot have.



  1. Good point. We can't let the gays be gay. That would be wrong and/or confusing.

  2. If you are a Christian, please see the "NO ON 8" message by Reverend Joe Baytzim

  3. i'm gay for gay gays.

  4. 1974??!! Retro.

    Seriously, what has happened in the past 34 years?

    My head is spinning.

    Dude, you weren't even born.

  5. hahahahaha that is awesome! you are so funny. and you are a true intellect to actually do research and not just wait til gen conf. love you babe


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