Thursday, November 13, 2008

Five Years and a Face Lift

A few days ago Project Mayhem turned five years old. My first blog post was written November 10th 2003 when I was the only person whom I knew who had a blog or even knew what a blog was. (For those of you who still don't know, the word blog is a shortened version of web log or weblog). Since that time, blogging has become a (or the) new means of online communication. Blogs have transformed politics and have been the cause of hundreds of thousands of abandoned children - due to mommy bloggers who spend hours online busy writing and reading about the children they are neglecting.

In celebration (if you can call it that) of arriving at my 6th year of blogging, I have decided to give Project Mayhem a face lift. Now that I am in graduate school and needing to provide more academic and professional security for my future self, this facial reconstruction is also meant to reflect the more professional, academic, and mature tone that I hope my posts to eventually attain. (Though I still plan to sour my blog with the occasional immature douchebaggery).

That is the intent anyway, we'll see if it actually pans out.

The font, colors, layout, etc. are in no way established. I'll be working on those over the next few weeks. Also, I've decided to abandon the 5-year use of all lower-case lettering to make my posts more legible. Even I often had difficulty reading my posts due to the lack of capitalization.


  1. It's very legible, and classier! And I have to say that over the 2 years I've been reading you, you have become much more balanced and mature. Although I really was drawn to the angsty guy with a chip on his shoulder, so I hope you don't change too much.

  2. HA! Mommy bloggers.... Glad you brought that up.... Like the change so far....

  3. I'm going to hold picket signs outside your house demanding more douchebaggery and less capitals.

  4. Also, I've decided to abandon the 5-year use of all lower-case lettering to make my posts more legible.

    Thank God!

    Just kidding . . . kind of. Sorry, but I quite literally obsess over details like capitalization, punctuation, etc.


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