Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fourth (my first tag ever)

Whenever somebody is tagged on their blog I am secretly saddened that I have never been the target of a tag. That sadness is now gone as Sylvia just recently tagged me. How joyous!

I'm supposed to post the fourth photo of my fourth photo album and provide a little description.

This is nearly five years ago during a little outing with some friends up at my parents cabin near Heber (they unfortunately sold their share when they moved to Virginia. Going back to front, left to right, we have Joe, Savanna, Big Joe, black girl, Mary, Jeremy, white girl, Tiffany, Me, and Jake. (Unfortunately I am lame and can't remember everyone's name, and hence the use of racial identification for a couple of my friends (I know, I'm a terrible friend). Taking the photo is Maggie (who is in the next photo sitting in my place).

I'm not exactly sure what the occasion for this trip was. I think it was just a quick Friday-night get away. It has also probably been a few years since I have seen any of them. Joe was my roommate and is now married with a child and living in Northern California, working for NASA or something. Savanna was blonde. Big Joe used to play running back for BYU, though I'm not sure if he ever actually had any game time. Black girl gave the LONGEST prayers ever in church meetings. She gave the opening prayer for a Stake Conference. It went 4 minutes and 48 seconds. Yes, we actually timed it. Mary went to see Matrix 3 with me once. I made out with her to spite my ex-girlfriend (who was friends with her). Yeah. I'm a jerk. Jeremy is married to Tiffany. He actually proposed to her while we were up there. White girl is now married. Last time I saw her she was working at Wal-Mart. Tiffany is married to Jeremy. She said yes to his proposal. Maggie is also married and has a pair of kids I think. Jake is currently working on a nursing degree.

Now I guess I'm supposed to tag four other people. I tag Nancy, Jack, Bryant, and Becky.


  1. I've never been tagged, and I'm offended that you didn't tag me.

    But since I really only have two photo albums (both from my mission), I don't know what I'd do anyway.

  2. It's pretty funny that you can remember how long "black girl" prayed (down to the second) but not her name.


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