Thursday, November 27, 2008

Something I'm thankful for today (She said yes)

Last night after soundly defeating Angela in a game of Settlers, I concluded my master plan of asking her to marry me.

Oh, and she said yes.

An angel[a] twinkles in the evening sky,
Shining among many, but unique in my gaze.
A constant fixture in the celestial deep
Providing direction and purpose,
Though separated by distances wide.
How long have I desired to reach out and hold her,
To catch this monarch in my silk-woven net.
To be with her. To be with you.
In my dreams, in sleep and wake, I jump
And reach for the heavens
Taking this star by the hand, pulling her to me.
Wingless and haloed in beauty,
She leaves me speechless and awed.
Can I, just for a moment, or a lifetime
Be blessed with her condescension
To hold her, to feel her touch, her kiss,
Her kindness, her love.
Can I share in the light she gives.
Can this dream be lived, to open my eyes
And witness the angelic before me.
Would she take my hand and lead me,
To guide and help me.
So that together we can shine in the heavens,
A constellation of two.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am so happy for you guys!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple!!

  3. yay! congratulations! i was hoping i wouldn't have to wait too long for this news.

  4. Congratuliffica

  5. Erik Gumbrecht11/27/2008 11:56 PM

    Welcome to the club my friend. :) Congrats!

  6. this brought tears to my eyes. wow. i am so happy for you both. i can hardly wait!!!!

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  8. LOYD! YAY! I'm so thrilled for you two! Congratulations.

    (Er, sorry about the last comment... I'm on my mom's computer right now and accidentally commented under her name. But I'm sure she's happy for you too.)

  9. Congrats Bro. You're the man.

  10. TheFaithfulDissident11/29/2008 7:45 AM

    Congratulations! I suggest a Harry Potter themed reception. :)

  11. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!! I am so excited for you both! Now onto planning a wedding!

  12. It's about time! We are happy for you and excited to have Angela in the family.

  13. Congrats! Now Nancy can finally have one of her coveted sister-in-laws.


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