Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liberation Theology and LDS Theology #1

I'm taking a course right now on Latin American liberation theology. As I'm reading key texts in liberation theology, I'm finding many connections between this and LDS theology and scripture. I'm just going to post thoughts on them occasionally as I see them.

"We must ask in all seriousness what the sin of the world is today, or in what forms the sin of the world appears today; . . . Here is wehre the theology of liberation, situated at the heart of the passive and active praxis of the poor, has spoken its word and has shaken the conscience of the church, and in some ways also the conscience of the world.
"If we look at the reality of the world as a whole from the perspective of faith, we see that the sin of the world is sharply exzpressed today in what must be called unjust poverty."
-Ignacio Ellacuria, "The Historicity of Christian Salvation."

"But it is not given that one man should possess that which is above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin."
-Doctrine and Covenants 49:20

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