Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Feminist Mormon Thieves? *UPDATED*

Steve pointed out a blog post over at Feminist Mormon Housewives that showed up today that seems very much like the post I wrote last night, and even uses the same video. Coincidence?

You be the judge.

Rebecca claims that this was just pure coincidence. Oh well.


  1. Guilty as charged, on all accounts.

  2. Actually, it seems to me that ANGELA should be getting all the credit for this one...

  3. Haha. You are right BiV. I didn't even see the connection until my beautiful and insightful fiance pointed that out to me.

  4. This is the first time I've ever seen your blog (followed a link from your comment on my thread at fmh)

    I most certainly did NOT plagiarise you (since I've NEVER seen this blog before). I did a YouTube search for the video - didn't need to get it from anywhere else. It's something my husband and I have been talking for a couple of weeks but due a a very heavy work schedule I only got a chance to post it yesterday.

    Please stop accusing me of ripping off your post. I didn't and it's hurtful that you and your readers are ganging up on me.

  5. Loyd,
    Please see my comment on your Big Love post. You're wrong and being a git about it. Relax.

  6. Does anyone else find it ironic that your "post a comment" message includes the phrase, "and avoid insults or personal attacks against anyone or any group"-- and yet, you have attacked and slandered fMh and one of the fMh permabloggers?

  7. Regardless of Rebecca's admittance, it stands as evidentially-backed fact that Loyd(an immensely popular blogger in the mormon blogosphere) posted his first before Rebecca(another popular mormon blogger). I would argue that he has the deed to this land along the information superhighway.

    Further, I would hardly believe that someone heavily involved in the mormon blogosphere wouldn't know who Loyd aka the narrator aka the voice of Project Mayhem was. Also, he went through a redesign of his blog a few months ago.

    Loyd FTW

  8. Jack - I don't really care what you think. As I have already stated on this blog (today being my first visit here) and on FMH - I don't read the bloggernacle in general. I read FMH and BCC and then not daily. I'm far too busy to have time for anything else. I'm not at all "heavily involved in the mormon blogosphere" - that would be my husband.

    So believe what you will, but I've NEVER heard of project mayhem, only ever noticed 'the narrator' as a commenter, and had no idea his name was Loyd.

  9. Eh, cut her some slack. I think it actually was a coincidence. And even if it wasn't (but I really think it was), who cares?

  10. If you read Carol Lynn Pearson's book "Consider the Butterfly," you can see this as a synchronicity. Thus, the Hand Of God at work. Congratulations to the two of you.

  11. I've heard of you before, Loyd, and I've read your blog now and again because I'm a fan of Fight Club (and I waste too much time online). That said, your blog isn't widely known in the bloggernacle, so it's entirely a coincidence that you and Rebecca posted a similar post to yours.

    Dude, you've got a gorgeous fiance and you seem to be a nice guy. Stop being such an asshole.

  12. ECS,

    I never claimed that my blog was widely read. I know it shows up on a few aggregates and feeds, but I doubt i have much of a readership beyond the dozen or so who follow it.

    I had no intent to be an assh**e. I was just responding to the observations that others had made.


    I don't see any irony. Someone pointed out that our blog posts seemed eerily similar and I said that it did. I never accused anyone of plagiarism, I simply pointed out the obvious - that our posts seemed very much alike and that it was quite the coincidence that her post would appear so soon after mine.

  13. Jack,

    I believe you think too highly of me. What does FTW stand for?


    was your comment directed at me?

  14. I'd never seen this blog until it was linked on Rebecca's link, either. One thing anyone who write a lot about popular culture ought to know: coincidences happen and people's minds buzz along the same lines more often than our originality-obsessed culture wishes. I had a Seattle newspaper reporter rip me off, word for word from a student newspaper essay, when I was just 16, so I know plagiarism can sting. This doesn't look like real plagiarism--it's appears to be similar thought-buzzing. How about a benefit of the doubt shrug and a "great minds think alike" attitude? It might sway others who've just found your blog to re-visit rather than assume you're being petty.

    Love the graphics borrowed from *South Park*. Their JS is the best cartoon if him ever.

  15. Sorry about the typo. Also, I have no idea why Google insists on calling me "I'm Cute." I'm not, particularly. I'm Janet from FMH.


  16. Actually, Loyd, your question made me realize that I'm not really sure to whom I was directing my comment. Hah. It was more of me thinking out loud. Sorry if it seemed snooty. I'm looking forward to reading more about your opinion of Big Love. Can we talk about polygamy?

  17. FTW = For the win... enthusiasm coupled with expectation of a win...

    And maybe, just maybe, I have you on a pedestal. Oh well... I guess I jump to a quick defense

  18. lame.... you actually think she stole from you? And I doubt you are as famous as you think you are.... I have never heard of this website and probably won't visit again... seeing the character and all.

  19. People seem to be ignoring the fact that it was completely natural and reasonable to conclude that, since Rebecca's post is really similar to Loyd's and was posted so shortly after his, there was at least a possibility (and perhaps a likelihood) that it was copied. Especially given the relative smallness and insularity of the Bloggernacle.

    That having been said, I do think it was a coincidence. But it was by no means unreasonable for Loyd and others (myself included) to raise the question of a faux-pas.

  20. Sunshine,

    did I ever say that she stole from me? No. I simply raised the question. As Steve just pointed out, the similarity between posts--and especially the timing of the posts--made it a very valid and obvious question to ask.

    I could care less if you never visit my blog again. I'm doubting you'd have much to say anyways.

  21. Is it just me, or is everyone making way too big of deal about this? It didn't even seem to me that Loyd was rude about it.


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