Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nine Inch Nails in Irvine

My first week here in Claremont, I went to see Nine Inch Nails perform in Los Angeles. It is only fitting that my last week here I went and saw them play in Irvine. Instead of going alone, my buddy John (with whom I have seen NIN twice already) flew down to join me for the concert.

Unfortunately, because Trent Reznor decided to headline with Jane's Addiction their set was shorter than usual. However, because this was the last tour than NIN will play for a long while, they played a lot of songs they do not normally play on tour.

Here was their set list for the night:
01. Now Im Nothing
02. Terrible Lie
03. 1,000,000
04. Heresy
05. March of the Pigs
06. Metal
07. Reptile
08. Survivalism
09. The Becoming
10. Mr. Self Destruct
11. The Fragile
12. Gone, Still
13. The Way Out Is Through
14. Wish
15. Echoplex
16. The Day The World Went Away
17. The hand That Feeds
18. Head Like A Hole 

Hearing Mr. Self Destruct and The Becoming for the first time live were the highlights of their show for me tonight.

However, the winners that night by far were Tom Morello and Boot Riley's Street Sweeper Social Club. The combination of Tom's riffs with Boot's rap was quite the treat.

Our seats were not the best, but they worked.

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