Friday, June 12, 2009

Time - "The Storm Over the Mormons"

Here is an article from next week's Time Magazine.

"The Storm Over the Mormons"

I think the article is pretty fair, though I wish they would have included an interview with a Mormon who opposed Prop 8 instead of just mentioning that they existed.

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  1. An article on Mormons & marriage equality:

    1. Reserves the use of the term "vicious" for the gays who were stripped of hard-won rights because individual Mormons and the LDS Church decided that it was proper for the state government to impose Mormon morality and religious doctrine by operation of law on all Californians, Mormon or otherwise.

    2. Reserves the use of the term "persecution" for Mormons with hurt feelings rather than the gays who suffered actual harm because of the religious beliefs of individual Mormons and the LDS church.

    3. Spends 2 of 4 pages noting with approval the various charitable works of Mormons — which has nothing at all to do with marriage equality, but does make Mormons look like real swell folks.

    4. Includes only 1 quote from a gay person — who is also Mormon.

    5. Included only 1 anti-Mormon quote — from Tom Hanks, which was subsequently retracted.

    6. Ends with the "I just want to help people" quote of poor persecuted Mr. Pimental, whose great suffering at the hands of the vicious gays was rewarded with a promotion.

    This article is "pretty fair," huh?

    Pass the Kool-Aid.


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