Friday, November 13, 2009

Sean Hannity admits that his show misrepresents reality

After Jon Stewart pointed out Hannity's blatant misuse of protest footage to falsify the size of the recent DC protest and make it appear that the protest was more significant that it really was, Hannity issued an apology of sorts on his program:

Inadvertent mistake???? How does a mistake like that happen. Even if Hannity was unaware that this was done, which I doubt, it should be abundantly clear that his producers were involved in falsifying the footage to give a false sense of the size of the protest--the very thing that Hannity and Bachman were gloating about.

Of course, Jon Stewart had yet another brilliant response to Hannity's 'apology.'

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1 comment:

  1. Oh shoot, you know, the digital filing cabinet is just such a mess! The maid hasn't been through here in months. It was a complete accident that I showed footage from the 9/12 protest, I swear!

    So ridiculous, we all know it was not an accident.

    Good post =)



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