Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recent Reads

This has surpassed Eli Wiesel's Night in depicting the horrors of the holocaust. Spiegelman does an amazing job showing not only the struggles his father endured in Auschwitz, but also of the toll that it took on him later in his life. 5 thumbs up.

In this brilliant little book, Givens sidesteps the usual mode of introducing the Book of Mormon by briefly describing it's narrative, and instead gives brief character sketches, examples of narrative forms, and other approaches to the text. It is by far the best introduction to the BofM yet, and is worth reading for even the most experienced of BofM readers. 5 thumbs up.

I read this perhaps a decade too late, and thus found myself a little bored by finding nothing particularly new. I do think it is better than Dan Vogel's American Apocrypha: Essays on the Book of Mormon. 4 thumbs up.

Too twisted and messed up. Even for me. 2 thumbs up.

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