Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grand Theft Auto: Wasatch Front

The following took place early this morning in Utah today (as reported by the Deseret News).

     A wild kidnapping and aggravated assault case stretching through two counties ended early Wednesday when a suspected kidnapper was run over by a vehicle he allegedly was trying to carjack. 
     The violent series of events began after midnight. A 23-year-old woman said she was leaving work at Smith's in downtown Salt Lake City when a man, Paul Jarmillo, forced his way into her car and threatened her with a knife. Jarmillo told the woman to drive to Ogden. As they approached Centerville, the woman told her alleged abductor that she was going to run out of gas, Child said. The vehicle pulled off the freeway to a gas station. Jarmillo went inside the Top Stop convenience store. As he did that, the woman ran off and hid.
     Jarmillo attempted to rob the Top Stop, claiming he had a gun. He attempted to climb over the counter, but the clerk pushed him back. Jarmillo reacted by striking an unsuspecting customer who had just walked in twice in the head, knocking him to the floor and demanding his keys. Instead, the customer got up and pushed Jarmillo outside the store, according to Child.
     Jarmillo ran to a Wendy's restaurant next door and forced his way inside, setting off an alarm. Two employees locked themselves in a back room while two more called police. Jarmillo chased two employees into the parking lot. He then noticed the victim he had just assaulted inside the store was driving away in an SUV. Jarmillo ran up to the SUV and began pounding on the hood, demanding the man surrender his vehicle. Sometime during this encounter, while the victim was attempting to drive away, the suspect fell down and was run over by the SUV.
     When officers arrived, they found Jarmillo lying under a Chevy Tahoe, unconscious and unresponsive.
The article didn't mention Jarmillo picking up a prostitute to restore his health, and then beating her to death to get his money back. But I'm sure that will be reported on later.

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  1. Holy smokes. That kid really needed a plan. Or maybe he'd just gotten tired of playing so he thought he'd just go on a rampage and see if he could get 5 warrants before he got killed.


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