Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mormons Against Broadway -- South Park Duo Developing a Broadway Musical About Mormonism

It was bad enough that Broadway tried to make evil look good in Wicked. Now the news is out that Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park are developing a Broadway musical about Mormonism and the Book of Mormon.

Read here:

As a Mormon, I am quick to find any depiction of Mormonism that is not by us to be an obvious attack by the liberal anti-Mormon media. This is clearly another example of my faith being persecuted.

Just as when we called for a boycott of HBO before Big Love was even written, or when we called for their heads of HBO execs for episodes before they even aired, I believe that we should boycott Broadway to show them that will not put up with the obvious anti-Mormon trash that we haven't yet seen.

We didn't stand up against their anti-family, anti-agency, anti-conservative agenda. We must must must stand up against this blantant anti-Mormonism.

This is clearly a continuation of the War in Heaven.

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  1. LOL. Is this something that came up in class today?

    I'm sorry I missed it. But I just decided that I've got far too many deadlines coming up much too fast, so I could use the extra few hours in my day.

  2. Its just a matter of time. People make fun of Catholics and Jews all the time. I bet, and yes this is speculation, that you could find all sorts of satires in every media known to man that makes fun of those two groups. Sure it doesn't happen to all of them: It doesn't happen to evangelicals or protestants because they don't really have any strict defining characteristics that you could really satirize (they are wishy washy on everything)(plus they do it themselves i.e. Gospel, Jesus Christ Superstar), it doesn't openly happen to islamic beliefs because the racists sensitivity (or fear of being shot), and doesn't happen to other eastern religions because ... no one really understands what they are talking about anyway.

    This might serve as evidence to me that we are now in the big leagues. Are we ready to compete?

  3. You almost had me going there :-) Is this a late 04/01 post?


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