Sunday, May 09, 2010

Recent Reads

Semester is about over. Here are a few more books that I have recently finished:

I'm a big fan of John Dominic Crosson and Marcus Borg. This is a fascinating look at the last week of Jesus and the power structures involved in his murder. 5 out of 5 thumbs up.

Perhaps the most theological of Phillips's books. Starts out strong, though I began to lost interest with the last couple chapters. 4 of 5 thumbs up.

Hardy offers a hermeneutic to the Book of Mormon that I have been pushing for a while now--though he doesn't go far enough. 4 of 5 thumbs.

I wouldn't recommend reading Being and Time; though if you are going to read it I suggest this Macquarrie and Robinson translation. It does a good job of giving a sense of the German and style of writing that Heidegger was using. 4 of 5 thumbs.

Though perhaps more readable, this translation loses out on much of Heidegger's intent and style. 3 of 5 thumbs.

An invaluable tool for first time readers of Being and Time. My only wish is that he utilized more examples and plain language to explain Heidegger's own terminology. 4 of 5 thumbs.

Poorly researched and highly agenda driven, often twisting information to tell drive a clearly anti-Mormon point. Unfortunately it's the only detailed book on the Book of Abraham papyri. 2 of 5 thumbs.

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