Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And now for something completely different: Recent Reads.

Here are a few books I read in the past few months.

Angela started reading this childhood favorite of mine. Surprisingly, it was just as (if not more) enjoyable now as it was then. I'm already looking forward to reading it with out kids.

A bit too motivational-speaker at times, but I'm on the program now, so let's see if I lose some weight.

I wish I could say I fully understood everything, but I've read enough about cosmology and physics over the years that I think I grasped it pretty well. The pretty drawings are nice.

Good, but too much Kierkegaardian redundancy. I didn't like it near as much as Fear and Trembling

A decent intro to existentialist writings, though I think the reader is ultimately shorted by Kauffman's selections and translations.

This paints a good broad brush of the current status of religious diversity in the US, though I think that his examples are sometimes a bit too limiting.

This is supposed to be the premiere theory for religious pluralism, but his appeal to a transcendent Real is essentially the creation of a new religious belief that contradicts his entire enterprise.

Though Heim is able to avoid the primary criticisms he levels at Hick, his theory for plural salvations does not allow for most religious concepts of hell and damnation, which ultimately redefines many of the religious views of salvation which he is trying to preserve.

Though interesting in his description of the construction of the concepts of world religions, his underlying prescription that such constructions should be done away with leaves us with little to talk about.

Altizer reaches new and unimaginable heights of redundancy. If there is a message in this book, it is lost in the rantings of a mad man.

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