Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marla Iyoko Ericson

Marla was born 20 minutes after we got to the hospital today. Had we left our apartment any later she could have been born in our new Mazda.

7lbs 15 oz, 19.5".

She and Angela are doing great.

We were expecting a boy though, so now we're gonna have to find some girl clothes.


  1. Beautiful baby girl, Loyd. Congratulations. There's really nothing in the world like being the daddy of a little girl.

  2. Chris, that is the name of my maternal grandmother.

  3. lavina@elavinal.org5/14/2011 8:56 PM

    Look at all that black hair! Wow! how gorgeous!! Now -- about her middle name. Is it Iyoko or Fumiko? And what does it mean?

  4. Congratulations, Loyd and Angela. Really happy for you guys!


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