Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today you will be sad. You will mourn. You will reflect. It is what is expected.

You will say things like: "We will never forget."
"To all those who died."
"To all those who were affected."
"To all those who read today's 'funnies.'"
"Today is a sad day."
"I am feeling sentimental."
"This is a tribute..."

You will engage in numerology, evoking the power of 9 and 11.
"911" (can you feel it?)
"911" (it gets more powerful with each incantation)

You will look upon dozens of images of two towers. Some are still standing. Some are on fire. Some are collapsing. Some are beams of light. They will remind you that you are to be sad, mournful, sentimental, reflective.

Like today's Sunday Funnies, you will know that this is not a day to be funny. Like Sherman's Lagoon, Baby Blues, and the other 'funnies' you will also not be funny. You will instead sit and think and evoke the magic numbers. If Family Circle is even more sentimental than usual, you will know that you are to also be sentimental.

Today's opening story in the news: you are sad and mourning. The weather report: today will be sad and mourning. Bob with sports: the NFL is sad and mourning with you; today's game "is a tribute" "to all those who died and were affected." "We will never forget." "911." The shampoo commercial has figure out a way to be sad about 911.

So be sad and mournful. Hug your family and think of the magic numbers. It's the cool/America/patriotic/expected/normal thing to do. Write a blog post about how sad and mournful you are today.

Say the magic numbers and expected slogans with a subdued tone.

(with a whisper) "911"
(with a subdued tone) "We will never forget."

Note that Europe and other countries mourn with us. Oh London, Oh Paris, will you mourn with us? Will you also join with us in repeating things like "We will never forget" "To all those who died" "To all those who were affected"? Will you attribute as well?

"911" (feel the sadness).

Don't think about the hundreds of thousands who have died by our weapons of destruction. Do not think about their collapsed buildings, crying and dead children. Do not think about their hurt and pain. Think of only American hurt and pain. This is our day to mourn and be sad. Their day is... well they don't get one.

So as you eat your cereal and milk, remember to be sad. When you post on facebook today remember to use the patriotic slogans and the magical numerology. Remember that today is not a day to smile or laugh. Today is a day to mourn and reflect. Just as you have been told.

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  1. My employer sent out an email this past Friday giving all employees a list of resources in case they needed counseling or needed somebody to talk to in the wake of all of the 9/11 anniversary business. Now, excepting anyone directly or indirectly (through family or friendship) involved in the 9/11 attacks, why is this necessary 10 years on? People need to get a grip. I suspect though, that your larger point is correct-- this conspicuous re-mourning serves more of a social-communicative function than as a marker of genuine grief.


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