Friday, April 20, 2012

Apple's ebook model

Apple's model:

1. Make it extremely difficult and annoying for publishers to put books on their stores by:

a. Instead of having a simple website to upload books like Amazon and B&N, require your proprietary software that only runs on a Mac
b. pick arbitrary naming and image standards that can only be checked when uploading the finished ebook
c. after you accept a book, reject it for supposed errors, but only send the publisher a comment saying that "there is a problem with the metadata" without any hint of where that problem may be
d. instead of reading messages and inquiries from publishers about those supposed errors, send generalized responses that make it clear you don't give a sh**.
e.instead of doing what every other ebook software does, force publisher's to create separate image sizes for each device instead of automatically resizing to fit various devices and configurations 
2. Make it difficult for users to find ebooks by :
a. not including tags in description
b. not allowing searches by description 
3. Limit access to the ebooks users purchase:
a. unlike Amazon and B&N, don't create ebook software and apps for non-Apple devices
b. don't even make ebook software for your own Macs
c. make purchased ebooks accessible only on iPhone, iPad, and iTouch 
4. Expect customers to pay more for ebooks through their crappy product
a. When customers don't jump on the opportunity to pay more for crap they can get better and cheaper elsewhere, conspire with large publisher's to force customers to pay more for products they'd rather get from someone else anyways.

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  1. Surely the only explanation that there a flaw in anything Apple is that Steve Jobs is no longer alive and running the company.


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