Friday, November 11, 2005


"yeah, no matter what happens i know we'll always be great friends... i'm glad i can count on that"

it's ironic how sometimes what makes a friendship so great, can be the very thing that brings about its demise. but then again, maybe that's a sign that the greatness was just an illusion. a farce. a fabrication that one creates to have some hope in this world. a hope that a relationship beyond the superficiality of popularity and convenience can exist.

usually when a friendship has an abrupt end, it's sad and depressing. this isn't. i'm not sure what it means. perhaps it's because a realization has been made. perhaps it's being content. perhaps it's because it is not an end. perhaps it's being too tired and busy to think about it. perhaps it's because it's what's right.

who knows.

in the end, you get up, straighten your tie, and smile with the rest of 'em.

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