Sunday, September 08, 2013

A short update

After a two-hour cordially, but frustrating meeting with the stake president, the SP told me he had to think more about reactivating our recommends. In order to be worthy of a temple recommend, he believes that I need to affirm that Joseph Smith physically saw  the embodied God the Father and Jesus Christ with his biological eyes, that I need to affirm that everything spoken by "The Brethren" are revelations from God, and need to agree to obey all advice and counsel given to me by my leaders, including him and the bishop.

In other words, if I want to get my temple recommend back I need to show that I sustain my leaders by lying to him.


  1. Does your wife have her recommend back? What was the reason of de-activating her recommend?

  2. Screw them. This is spiritual extortion.

  3. No idea why you'd want to go to a Masonic knock off anyway. Just become a mason and get the real deal without all the BS from false preachers in a false church.


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