Sunday, December 28, 2003

got commenting put back on the site. feel free to tell me what you think.

here's are some thoughts from my day

michael jackson

saw an interview with him on 60 minutes. whether or not he is guilty, he is one messed up guy. i wonder how accountable a person like he is to god. his mental abilities are obviously not working how they should be. does he realize how stupid and crazy he appears?

book of revelation

talked about the signs of the times and the book of revelation today in gospel doctrine. i feel that people force too much literalism into the book. it's obvious that so much of it is not literal, but must me read metaphorically. why then force literalism in where a metaphorical view may be much more morally benefitting. besides a call to put one's life in order, i see no point in speculating on signs of the times when interpretations can be so varying

bruce r. mcconkie

i love the man for his testimony and gospel zeal. i can't stand his false authority he placed on his opinions. so many accept what he said without even wondering if maybe he could be wrong. it's not necessarily what he espoused, but more of how he did it. he taught things as if his view was the correct view and differing views were heretical products of satan

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