Friday, December 26, 2003

i got hooked up with some new webspace. i'm going to throw my website on it, but i'm not sure if i'm gonna keep it up there long. i might jus simplify it to use as a menu to access papers, photos, and other crap.

speaking of crap, my last philosophy of religion paper, exclusivism and a systematic theology is now available for your reading pleasure.

in other news....
christmas came and went. as my family and i have gotten older, the joy of christmas seems to haev dimmed. the best part of it all is watching people open the gifts i had given them. the emptiness hit me pretty bad christmas eve and dragged on till this morning (26th). the highlight of this christmas season was when i was at barnes and noble the morning of christmas eve and spent $40 in books for under-privildged children. i got the first harry potter book for a 10 year old girl and the captain underpants collection for an 8 year old boy. that felt friggin good :)

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