Sunday, December 21, 2003

with finals and all, i have been too busy to write much on this thing. plus i've been out and about dating and making more friends lately. i should have time this break to write more of my thoughts.

today in priesthood we were discussing becoming a zion people. if it weren't for our blasted love of money, we could be there. i try to be giving. in fact i give too much. i've already donated about $50 this month to different charities and stufs. i just feel good doing it. i should be giving more though. i don't need half the crap i have. there are so many people out there that need so much. i should be willing to help them. in the temple, we covenant to live the law of consecration. why aren't we willing to do what we have promised? the teacher today had a great quote by orson pratt that i need to find. in it, he says that as long as we have more than another that we are living in sin. king benjamin said that we must give until we can say in our heart that we would give, but we cannot for we have nothing to give. i need to have that mentality even more.

of course. in all reality, i don't have any to give. i'm $3000 in debt. its an excuse though. i spend money on myself all of the time. money that coulld be better spent on others.

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