Wednesday, December 31, 2003

mike was supposed to come down to go clubbin tonight, but he got stuck in the snow up in boise. didn't really care to do much else tonight with anyone, so i decided i'm gonna finish the book of mormon and watch some southpark tonight. what a great combination

i'm really not one for new year's resolutions, but i'd thought i'd give some a try and see how badly i fail at them.

go to the temple more often

get back into fly-fishing again

better grades

read the book of mormon along with the gospel doctrince class

that's all i can think of.....

now this isn't a new year's resolution, but my diet is starting back up tomorrow. i kinda let it slide over the break and haven't been to the gym since for a week now. i'd like to get down to 160 lbs...and then up to at least 165 with muscle.

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